Honda Activa-based NAVi NOT discontinued; To soon get a major upgrade

The Honda NAVi mini-bike hasn’t been discontinued. The mini-bike’s production has been paused temporarily even as Honda is working on adding a major upgrade – the combi-braking system. By law, all two wheelers with engine capacity of less than 125-cc need to feature combi-braking. To add this upgrade, Honda has pulled the NAVi off production. The mini-bike will soon be reintroduced with combi-braking system or CBS as standard. Already, all automatic scooters that Honda sells in India feature CBS. In fact, the NAVi too is based on the Activa – India’s best selling scooter, and which has featured CBS for many years now. Keeping that in mind, adding CBS to the NAVi shouldn’t be difficult for Honda.

Honda Activa-based NAVi NOT discontinued; To soon get a major upgrade

Speculations on the internet suggest that the upgraded NAVi could also get a slightly higher power output and more features. The NAVi is Honda’s least priced two wheeler, selling at Rs. 41,849 ex-showroom Delhi. It’s meant to be a fun way to commute in India’s cities. The NAVi uses the Activa platform, including the scooter’s engine and CVT automatic transmission. The NAVi is powered by a 110-cc, four-stroke engine that produces 7.72 Bhp of peak power and 9 Nm of peak torque. A low kerb weight of 101 kilograms and telescopic front forks means that the NAVi is a zippy ride on city streets. 130-mm drum brakes and tubeless tyres are standard on both wheels.

Honda has many customiation options for the NAVi, making the two wheeler quite practical for day-to-day use. The only downside of the NAVi is its tiny fuel tank of less than 4 litres, which give the mini-bike a range of under 200 kilometers considering that it has a rated fuel efficiency of 38 Kmpl. A larger, 6-litre fuel tank could make the NAVi a lot more convenient to use, as trips to the fuel station wouldn’t have to be so frequent. Meanwhile, a few intrepid bikers in India have even ridden the NAVi across high Himalayan passes, just going to show that great things come in small packages.

Via Auto.NDTV