Cobra in a Honda Activa-i: Forest department officials expertly rescue it [Video]

Imagine how scary one can be if they spot a huge snake on their car or scooter when driving. Well, there have been many instances of snakes coming out of the engine bay and even the rear trunk of the vehicle in the past. Snakes have spotted curled up on the two-wheelers too. Well, here is one such situation where a huge cobra snake was resting inside a Honda Activa-i when it spotted by the rider on the road.

This incident happened in Nellai, Tamil Nadu at a busy junction. The owner of the Honda Activa-i spotted the snake while riding the scooter and in the middle of the junction he stopped his scooter and asked for help. The video shows a number of people with large sticks trying to get a hold of the snake. Even uniformed wildlife authorities with snake catching rods can be seen trying to get the snake out.

Since a scooter has a lot of space inside where the snake can just slide in and rest, it is a difficult task to flush the reptile out. The video shows many cops and civilians trying to poke the snake and get it out. The video shows as many as five people trying to catch the snake but it is quite evasive. Since the snake is hiding at the bottom of the scooter, the people trying to extract the snake then make the scooter lie down and try to get the snake out. It looks like a tedious process with all the people trying to get the reptile out of the Honda Activa-i.

Cobra in a Honda Activa-i: Forest department officials expertly rescue it [Video]

After several minutes of struggle, the snake finally gets captured. It is a large snake, which looks like 4-5 feet long. The rescuers can be seen taking away the snake from the spot.

With the monsoon season overhead, the reptiles come out of the holes due to flooding. Because snakes are cold-blooded reptiles, they seek warm places to regulate their body temperature. Vehicles are a perfect place to hide and seek shelter for the snakes as the engine bay can stay warm for hours even after the vehicle is turned off. The number of such cases becomes quite high around the monsoon season, which is why one should be more vigilant when it rains.

Most snakes are harmless but there are many poisonous snakes too. However, many people panic after spotting a snake, which makes it extremely difficult to handle the vehicle, especially at high speeds.

Watching a reptile on your vehicle can be shocking and maybe even creepy for many but one should never panic. The animals are almost always harmless until provoked and if you try to get them out of your vehicle by yourself, they might not hold back. The best solution is to wait and call the professional who can deal with such reptiles.

  • Always call a specialist who has handled such situations in the past. Never try to manhandle the snake or any other animal by yourself.
  • Never park the vehicle near tall bushes. The snakes can use the bushes to climb inside the vehicle easily.
  • Always do a quick check of the engine bay if snakes are common in your area. This will help you avoid any surprises while you’re driving.
  • Always slow down the vehicle if you spot a snake while driving and park it on the side of the road without panic. Most of the snakes are not poisonous in nature.
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