Honda Activa conquers India’s most DANGEROUS roads: Sach Pass & Killar-Kishtwar [Video]

The Honda Activa has been one of the most popular two-wheelers around. The great mix of convenience, reliability and frugality it offers has made it a huge hit among the two-wheeler buyers of the country. The Activa is really a great urban runabout that can take you from point A to point B without any fuss. While the Activa’s playground is your urban road-network, it looks like some Braveheart recently decided to take the puny two-wheeler to places where only bikers with purpose-built tourers dare to go.

In the above video, you can see a Honda Activa being ridden on the Sach Pass, which is one of the most dangerous roads in the world. The video goes on to show the Activa being ridden on really harsh terrain and even through some dense fog. As you can see, the Activa seems to have cleared the whole stretch without breaking a sweat. However, one must note that this is one of the most challenging roads in the world for any two-wheeler rider and his machine. So far, we’ve only seen geared motorcycles being ridden on this stretch. The uploader of the video goes on to claim that is the first ever automatic-transmission scooter to have travelled on this road.

Frankly, we’re really surprised to see the Activa performing flawlessly on the harsh and broken tarmac. It even passes through some waterlogged stretches and continues to ride along unfazed. Towards the end of the video, the Activa can be seen riding through picturesque, snow-clad stretches. However, throughout the journey, the road surfaces remain pathetic. It’s really a pleasant surprise to see the li’l scooter covering the entire stretch without any problem.

The infamous Kishtwar-Killar road, which is also known as The Cliffhanger, is regarded as one of the most dangerous roads around the world. Only the most skilled riders and drivers attempt to pass through this stretch on their powerful motorcycles and SUVs. In this video, however, you can see a Honda Activa being ridden on the dangerous Killar-Kishtwar stretch.

You can see how the rider trods along the really tricky stretch of totally broken roads. One small mistake can lead to a 400-meter drop into the Chenab river. Actually, this road isn’t even a road but a really narrow mountain trail at a frighteningly high altitude. The broken surfaces and the narrowness of the trail can be clearly seen in the video. However, the Activa rides through the entire stretch without any mechanical failure. The two videos we have here go on to prove the high reliability of India’s most favourite automatic scooter.


Video source – Karanbir Singh on Youtube