Watch how a Honda Activa is converted into a Petrol-Electric Hybrid scooter

Electric scooters and motorcycles are now becoming common in our market. Several manufacturers have entered this space as this is going to be the future of mobility. Even Manufacturers like TVS, Bajaj have launched electric scooters in the market. There are other manufacturers like Ather, Revolt, Okinawa who have launched electric scooters and bikes in the market. In India we either have petrol and electric two wheelers there is currently no manufacturer who has launched a hybrid scooter. A hybrid scooter is just like a hybrid car. It will have an engine and an electric motor too. Here we have a video that shows how a vlogger converts a normal Honda Activa into a hybrid scooter.

The video has been uploaded by Creative Science on their YouTube channel. The video starts with vlogger explaining his plan. As per the video, vlogger had already purchased necessary things and components that he needed for this project. He then starts by removing the front panels on the scooter. The headlamps and other body panels including the side cover was removed . This was done to change the accelerator cable. This was done as the cable already present in the scooter was not suitable for the project.

Once the accelerator cable is installed and after that, the vlogger removes the rear tyre in order to install the electric hub motor. Before installing the hub motor, a metal plate is fixed on the rim. This acts as a base to the electric motor. Once the metal plate was installed or fixed, the tyre was put back in place and then the piece of metal that was popping out from the bolt was grinded till it was of the same level as the metal plate. Once that was done, the electric motor was brought and fixed on the plate. The torque arm is connected to the clamp where the exhaust sits. The motor is connected to a controller and wire from controller goes to the front of the scooter. That particular wire is connected to an ON/Off switch for the electric motor.

Watch how a Honda Activa is converted into a Petrol-Electric Hybrid scooter

The On-Off Switch is connected to the normal ignition wire so that the current only starts flowing when the scooter is unlocked. Another wire from controller is connected to the accelerator cable to control the throttle response. After everything was set, a battery was connected to check whether everything was working fine or not. After the trial was done, the vlogger places the battery inside the under seat storage.

After that, all the panels that were removed were fixed back. It is going to be hard for anyone to figure out that this is a hybrid scooter by just looking at it. The vlogger shows how to use this hybrid scooter on video. If the rider wants to use electric power, then he or she can simply turn on the key and instead of going for the self start switch, he just have to turn on the switch and ride. With just electric power, the scooter managed to achieve a maximum speed of 45 kmph. If the charge gets over, then simply turn Off the electric scooter switch and start the scooter like a normal scooter. The idea is great and the vlogger has defenitely executed it well as well. We hope to see several Hybrid scooters in  future.