Can a Honda Activa run on deodorant? Well, check this out [Video]

With the modernisation of engines, there is a lot of type of fuels that can be used. Apart from common fuels like petrol, diesel, CNG and LPG, there are electricity and even hydrogen fuel cells that can power cars. But perfume? Many perfumes contain alcohol and are flammable but can it be used to run a regular petrol engine? Well, here is a video that shows that it can.

The video is from the channel Indian Hacker who has used a Honda Activa to test the different kinds of fuel. For the experiment, he has removed the engine cover and the carburettor to expose the engine intake valve. For the first attempt, he uses a bottle of petrol with a spray attached to the top. After starting the engine, he sprays petrol in the intake and the video shows the rev of the engine going up. The more amount of fuel that goes into the intake, the higher rev it makes. There is no throttle connection here. In reality, opening the throttle means more fuel and air enters the engine, which makes the engine rev higher.

In the second attempt, he tries to put LPG through a canister but since the delivery system is not efficient, the LPG could not start the engine. In the third attempt, he uses the diesel fuel but the engine does not start at all.

Can a Honda Activa run on deodorant? Well, check this out [Video]

In the fourth attempt, a bottle of Axe perfume is used. The Activa can be heard running in the video. The amount of Axe perfume poured in the engine is directly proportionate to the engine rev. In the last attempt, Iso Propyl, which is lab grade 99% pure alcohol is used. The engine can be heard running smoothly.

Later, in the video, a funnel and pipe system was added to pour Axe perfume and then they also take a ride of the Honda Activa. It should be noted that Axe perfume contains more than 80% alcohol, which is what makes the engine run. However, since alcohol has different property than petrol, it will deteriorate the engine’s health.

This is not the first time that a vehicle has run on alcohol. There are many in the past who have tried running vehicle on alcohol have been successful. It should be noted that alcohol and even perfume with a high content of alcohol are highly flammable and can catch fire in an instant. Such an experiment should be done with utmost care.