Honda Activa transformed into an Electric Scooter at home [Video]

In the past few years, electric vehicles have started to become popular in India. While manufacturers have now started offering electric cars in the market, from a long time, two-wheeler manufacturers offered the electric scooters. Going forward, two-wheelers are likely to popularise the electric vehicles in India. Well, popular manufacturers like Hero and Bajaj already have their products out in the market but Honda 2 Wheelers is yet to launch an EV in India. However, there are quite a few interesting transformation jobs that have converted the regular Activa to an EV. Hemank Dabhade, the person who transformed India’s first Chevrolet Beat Diesel into an Electric Vehicle has now worked on the Honda Activa to an electric vehicle. Here are the details.

While the Activa EV transformed by Mr Hemank looks similar to the stock version of the scooter, it is quite unique as it retains the original Continous Variable Transmission (CVT). The original engine crankcase is used to install the new electric system. The Right Hand Side of the crankcase has been removed while the motor shaft has been custom made to fit in the original RHS crankcase of the scooter. Also, extra care has been taken to maintain the alignment and suspension geometry by creating mounts on the motor which will fit seamlessly in the case. The open sections of the crankcase have been sealed using adaptive plates, which will ensure that the dust remains off the interior.

Since an electric motor has a completely different output of torque compared to a regular Internal Combustion Engine (ICE), massive changes have been done to the CVT to make it workable and usable with the electric motor. The use of modified CVT ensures that even with a small 1 KW brushless DC (BLDC) motor, the Activa EV provides good acceleration and top speed. It can reach a top speed of 65 km/h, which is more than sufficient for city traffic. In fact, the acceleration and top speed are similar to the stock ICE Activa!

Honda Activa transformed into an Electric Scooter at home [Video]

The 1 KW electric motor is powered by a 30 AH 48 V Lithium-ion phosphate battery pack. The battery pack is located under the seat compartment but that will be moved to the front apron and floor section of the scooter in the future. This will allow the owners to use the under-seat storage of the scooter too.

The scooter takes about 4-4.5 hours to charge completely depending on the situation. It can do around 42-45 km with a single rider and 35 km with a pillion. However, if needed, the range can be extended with an extra battery pack. The scooter has been tested for more than 2,000 km without any problem or niggle.

Mr Hemank also did a commendable job with the Chevrolet Beat, which also gets fast charging features and uses a modified version of the stock manual transmission. Click here to read about Chevrolet EV more.

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