Honda Activa EV conversion: Costs Rs 1 lakh [Video]

While Honda has already confirmed the development of the all-electric version of the Activa, it looks like the anticipation for the Activa Electric is already at an all-time high. Given that it is the highest-selling scooter in India, people want an electric Activa sooner than what the company is planning. Here, we have come across an aftermarket conversion kit, which can convert your regular petrol-powered Activa into an all-electric scooter.

The said aftermarket conversion kit for the Honda Activa is being offered by a Nellore-based modification house DIY Tech, which has explained the details of the kit in one of his YouTube videos. In the video, the modification house owner has explained the components and processes which can convert any regular Honda Activa into an EV.

For the project, DIY Tech took a Honda Activa 5G and replaced the tried-and-tested 110cc single-cylinder, air-cooled engine with an all-electric powertrain. In place of the engine, the Activa here gets an electric battery, which works in sync with a hub-mounted electric motor powering the rear wheel of the scooter.

Powered by a 2.5 kW electric motor

Honda Activa EV conversion: Costs Rs 1 lakh [Video]

The modification house has told that this electric Activa is powered by a 2.5 kW electric motor, while the battery employed is a 2.88 kWh battery which comprises prismatic cells. According to DIY Tech, the battery mounted on the Honda Activa electric project returns a maximum riding range of 120 km on a single charge, which is more than many of the electric scooters on sale today. The top speed of this Activa electric is restricted to 55 kmph.

Another highlight of this Honda Activa Electric is the aftermarket fully-digital instrument console, which has replaced the conventional all-analogue instrument console of the stock Activa. This LCD screen displays speed, motor RPM and remaining range. This electric Activa is also equipped with a smart battery management system and a motor controller for vibration-less operation. In addition, this electric scooter is also equipped with a parking mode switch.

Apart from the powertrain swap, the Honda Activa used for this conversion project has gone under a couple of more modifications. These include a new custom swingarm with dual coil springs at the back, unlike the single-sided coil spring of the stock Activa. For the battery, the charging socket has been positioned near the footboard.

According to DIY Tech, the entire modification cost of converting a regular Honda Activa with this electric conversion kit costs nearly Rs 1 lakh, which is excluding the cost of the scooter. DIY Tech explains that out of Rs 1 lakh, almost half of the costs are that of the battery. DIY Tech is also offering a warranty of 3 years on the battery employed in the conversion kit.

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