Honda Activa scooter falls into massive pothole on a newly constructed road

Although road network and connectivity in India has improved over the years, the quality of the roads are not the same all across the country. Some roads are better than others and we are all aware the quality of materials used for road construction change from one place to other. Some roads last for many years while some start having potholes just months after the construction. These potholes often lead to accidents and such incidents have been reported from different parts of the country. Here we have an incident from Rajasthan’s Jodhpur where a scooter completely fell into a crater or hole that was formed on a newly constructed road.

Honda Activa scooter falls into massive pothole on a newly constructed road

The bizzare incident was reported from Jodhpur. A scooter that looks like a Honda Activa i is seen inside a hole in the middle of a road. The hole is so big that, the scooter completely fell into it. It looks like the soil beneath the tarmac had washed away creating a hollow space under it. This is not the first time, something like this has been reported in India. There are multiple reasons why this would have happened. One of them could be the rain. In the past couple of months, North India has been experiencing torrential rains. Many of the metro cities in India were underwater due to heavy rains.

When it rains heavily in an area, the water erodes loose soil and it also degrades the roads. We have seen new potholes forming on roads during rainy season. When the flow of water under the road is much more, it erodes the soil with it and the road simply caves in. We think that is what has happenend in this case. The other reason could be that the contractor who is responsible for the road did not build it in the right manner.

Honda Activa scooter falls into massive pothole on a newly constructed road

As seen in the images, it is a huge hole and it could have easily injured the rider. The report mentions that the rider escaped the accident without any major injuries. It is not clear whether the accident occurred to a local or a person who was passing through the road. The rider could not react on time after spotting the hole. After the scooter fell into the hole, the locals informed the police and came forward to help the rider. Once the locals pulled the rider out of the hole, they started looking for ways to pull the scooter out.

They finally brought an excavator and tied a rope to its bucket. The scooter was brought out. Police had arrived at the spot and inspected the road. As mentioned above, this is not the first time, something like this has happened. last year in Delhi during monsoon, a road had caved in the video of it went viral on the internet because, the sinkhole had almost swallowed a Hyundai Grand i10 car in it. The car belonged to a police constable and he was driving the car when the road suddenly caved in. He was rescued from the spot without any injuries.

Via Carblog India