Alert Twitter user gets traffic cop on Honda Activa without helmet BUSTED

One of the most common offences that most of the two-wheeler riders in India commit is riding without wearing a crash helmet. While rules mandating helmets for two wheeler riders have been there in place for many years now, the government has also recently increased fines for non compliance of the helmet rule. Despite all these measures, there are still people who refuse to follow the helmet rule. When the revised fines were implemented, Pune was one of the cities where people and politicians both joined hands and started protesting against making helmets compulsory for two wheeler riders. Now we have a report from Pune that shows how a traffic police official got fined for not wearing a helmet after an alert citizen tweeted her picture online.

Alert Twitter user gets traffic cop on Honda Activa without helmet BUSTED

The picture was shared by Twitter user, Mandar Pramod Dixit after he found a policewoman in Sakalnagar riding a Honda Activa without a proper helmet. He tweeted, “Who will take action against these awakened Punekars? Is helmet compulsory only for ordinary citizens?”. He attached the picture of the officer in uniform riding the Activa scooter in his tweet and tagged Pune city traffic police, and Pune City commissioner.

After noticing the tweet, Pune city traffic police immediately took action and fined the rider. An E-challan of Rs 500 was issued to the owner of the Honda Activa. During this pandemic situation, routine police checking have been reduced as most of the force is engaged in keeping people off the roads and making sure that people are maintaining social distancing. Also, reports from several parts of the country suggest that lot of vehicles have been seized by police during this lockdown.

Maharashtra is one of the states that is worst affected due to the Corona virus pandemic. Authorities are imposing various regulations in different parts of the city and recently Mumbai Police was in the news because they had impounded around 6,800 vehicles violating lockdown rules in a single day. Similarly, in Chennai, which is also reporting huge number of cases everyday, police officials seized around 7,413 vehicles in a single day. Just like the way we wear our face mask whenever we go out, it should be made a habit to wear a helmet whenever you are riding a two-wheeler for your own safety.

Via Punekar News