Honda Activa with a really cool digital aftermarket speedo [Video]

Aftermarket modifications are currently the rage. Bikes, such as the Bajaj Pulsar, Royal Enfield Classic and Apache among others, are hot favorite choices for modders. Also, the modifications are not limited to powertrain tweaks or small cosmetic changes; rather they have been extended to each and every aspect of a bike. Here is one such mod on a Honda Activa.

The video shows an uber cool speedometer being fitted in a Honda Activa. The guy, who seems to be a mechanic, has explained how to fit a zany-looking speedometer in your Honda Activa. Its a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) style video and the guy has done quite a good job at explaining things.

The speedometer that he is using is a digital aftermarket unit. It is a pretty stylish round-dial styled speedometer. Though quite small in size, it displays all the important information regarding the Activa. We see that it displays speed, distance, odometer and rev counter functions along with fuel gauge readings. The speedometer has a cool blue backlight, which looks really good.

Digital Speedo On Honda Activa Featured

An aftermarket custom case is also used to fit the speedometer. Such cases can be procured easily from the market at economical prices. With some holes punched in and the outer side blacked out, the case is ready to rock. The speedo is then attached to it and then the guy explains the wiring systems. Proper attachment and calibration is absolutely necessary in order for the speedo unit to work. It is recommended to understand the wiring properly so as to avoid later complications. If you aren’t too confident, just take it to a good mechanic and get it done.

The mechanic in the video also fits backlighting in the case along with turn indicators. It looks especially good at night with all the lights turned on. A small problem with the rev counter calibration can be seen, but nothing that can’t be resolved. Other modifications include some design changes, such as blacked-out indicators and BMW M theme styles stripes.