Honda Africa Twin breaks staircase as delivery goes WRONG: Sump guard saves the bike [Video]

We all know that there is no greater joy than getting the delivery of a new vehicle. While many of us try to make the occasion special by clicking pictures and saving the moments in our memories, many others do really hard to make the experience unforgettable. Here is a video of the owner of a brand-new Africa Twin who got the delivery of the bike and he rode it out of the showroom. What’s special in that you may ask but do watch the video below.

The exact location of this video is not known. The owner of the bike decided to ride the motorcycle out of the showroom while his friends and family record the moment. As the African Twin is known for its off-road capabilities more than anything else, the new owner decided to take the stairs instead of the ramp. While coming down, the sump guard of the Africa Twin did its job and saved the day.

While coming down, the rider stood on the footpegs to balance himself but the sump guard hit the stairs and the video shows that it breaks the marble too. The rider, however, did not lose his balance and came down successfully. He even did not get to know about the incident. While it does mean that the sump guard did its job extremely well and saved the critical parts of the motorcycle from getting damaged, the showroom owner will have to spend some money to get his staircase repaired.

There are many who questioned the ground clearance of the iconic African Twin but it should be noted that the bike offers a massive 250mm of ground clearance, which is higher than most capable SUVs available in the markets around the world. It is higher than even the newly launched Mahindra Thar and the likes of Toyota Fortuner.

The African Twin comes with adjustable suspension. It is quite possible that the owner is yet to set it up according to his needs. The video shows that as soon as the front tyre of the bike hits the staircase, the suspension retracts completely, which causes the sump guard to hit the staircase.

The sump guard has the sole purpose of keeping the critical parts of the bike from any rock hits while doing off-roading and this video perfectly shows how it works in the wilderness. These sump guards can be easily replaced and cost a fraction of the engine of the bike.

Honda updated the African Twin earlier this year with a more powerful engine. It now comes powered by a 1,840cc parallel-twin engine that generates a maximum power of 101 PS and peak torque of 105 Nm. It gets a Dual Clutch Transmission as an option.