Honda Amaze compact sedan: EVERYONE’s buying it!

The Honda Amaze compact sedan is in its second generation in India. Launched in February during the Auto Expo 2018, the new Amaze has been Honda’s biggest success, ever. And August 2018 sales just reaffirm this fact. Honda put out 9,644 units of the Amaze sedan into dealer stockyards during August, ensuring that the car is in the top-10 sellers list for the third consecutive month. What this also means is that the demand for the Amaze has not ebbed nearly 6 months after launch, which is indeed a good thing as far as Honda is concerned.

The competition will be worried though as the new Honda Amaze continues to run rings around every other compact sedan except for the Maruti Dzire, which continues to be the defacto best-seller in its segment, clocking more than double the sales of the Amaze, month after month. There are many reasons why the new Honda Amaze has managed to hit the sweet spot in terms of sales, and is managing to consistently keep it up. For one, it looks quite different from other compact sedans in the segment, and the revamped design is making the car stand out on the road. The car looks quite premium for the class it’s positioned in, and this makes it quite attractive to buyers tired of truncated-looking cars in the compact sedan segment.

Honda has given the Amaze a lot of options in the engine-gearbox department. The car is the first in its class to offer a diesel-CVT automatic option, in addition to the petrol-CVT automatic. Also, 5 speed manual gearboxes are standard on both petrol and diesel engines. The new Amaze has grown in size on the inside, and comes with a host of new features, including paddle shifters for the top-spec automatic variants. Despite the increase in size, Honda has managed to keep the weight low. The petrol (88 Bhp-110 Nm) and diesel (98.6 Bhp-200 Nm) engines have been carried over with the latter getting a detune (80 Bhp-160 Nm) in the automatic trim. Prices of the new Honda Amaze start from Rs. 5.81 lakhs, making it about Rs. 20,000 pricier than the Dzire.