Honda Amaze driver blocks elephants in National Park: Elephants charge at the car [Video]

In the past, we have covered several videos in which the wild animals attacked the vehicles. Some wildlife reserves even took an action against it. Here, we have another such incident in which we can see a couple of elephants attacking a Honda Amaze.

The video is shared on Twitter by Supriya Sahu. According to her, the video is shot in Hasanur, Karnataka. In the video, we can see a small family of elephants. The vehicles were changing lanes to go across the elephants.

That is when we can see the elephant start charging toward the white-coloured Honda Amaze. The elephant did hit the outside rearview mirror and we can see it breaking and falling on the road.

Honda Amaze driver blocks elephants in National Park: Elephants charge at the car [Video]

It seems like the family of elephants wanted to cross the road and the Amaze blocked their path because of which they attacked the vehicle. Once the elephants attacked, we can see all the other vehicles backing up. We can also hear the bus driver using the horn which is not a good idea.

Wild animals are sensitive

Honda Amaze driver blocks elephants in National Park: Elephants charge at the car [Video]

Wild animals are very sensitive to little things like diesel clatter, horn, cranking the engine, and music can scare them. This is because they have never heard anything like this. You might have noticed that during safaris, the drivers would often shut down their engines. They do this because wild animals can hear the engine’s sound from far away.

Even sudden movements can make scare wild animals. They might think that you are going to attack or harm them. It is important to note that you are the one who is entering their territory, they live there and would try to protect it. If you ever come across a herd then it is best that you park your car on the side of the road and wait for them to leave. It is important that you do not make any sudden moves or sounds which might alert the animals. Big animals like elephants and rhinos can easily crush a car with their weight.

Never feed wild animals

Many people would feed wild animals because they would think that it is a good thing to do. But there are repercussions to this, the animals would start wandering around the roads more in hunt of food. There have already been several incidents where the animals were run over by vehicles that were coming at a high speed and could not brake in time. Moreover, if you would feed an animal then it would expect the next person would also feed it. But if he or she does not feed the animal then the animal might get angry and attack the vehicle.