Honda Amaze sells over 4850 cars in April; City, Brio production hit!

The sales numbers that the Honda Amaze has chalked up in April shouldn’t really come as a surprise, given the kind of buzz the car has been creating since its launch on April 11. In April alone, the Honda Amaze sold 4,852 cars and has emerged as the largest selling car from Honda.

So who has been hit by the Honda Amaze the most? While we still await the sales numbers of the Maruti Dzire eagerly to see if the Amaze had any kind of effect on the best-selling car in the segment, one thing is certain, Honda has been indulging in a bit of cannibalism. The sales numbers of the Honda City have plunged 44% to 1917 units in April from 3,432 units in March 2013.

Honda Amaze sells over 4850 cars in April; City, Brio production hit!

Sales of the Brio hatchback too have taken a bit of a beating falling 58% to 1,628 units from 3,917 units in March 2013. It’s quite obvious that the Honda Amaze, its sedan sibling, has stolen some of its thunder. Also read: Honda Amaze waiting period hits FIVE months in Delhi

Excess demand puts strain on production

However, it’s not that there is no demand for the Honda City or the Honda Brio. Recently buyers of the Honda Brio have been surprised to find that the waiting period for the Brio, which was earlier about three weeks at the most is now nearly five weeks in some cases, according to what a dealer in Mumbai told one of our community members.

Demand for the Honda City hasn’t been hit, although there is a change in waiting period for some colours, because of the sacrifice the City’s production line has had to make to accommodate the Honda Amaze. The waiting period on the Honda City in Delhi is just about two weeks. However, this does show that the Amaze may have cannibalized some buyers from the City.

Overall, Honda sold 8,670 cars (including 182 cars exported as well as 33 Honda Accords and 58 Honda CRVs) in April 2013. That’s just about 87% of its installed capacity at its plant in Greater Noida. The Greater Noida Honda factory can handle up to 10,000 cars a month. In March, Honda used only about 74% of its capacity and this additional 13% hike in production has obviously created delays for its other products. Also read: Honda Amaze diesel road test and review – an amazing package

Honda does not give out official booking figures, but according to reports bookings of the Honda Amaze have crossed 22,000. Dealers told us that the waiting period on the Honda Amaze, especially the diesel is now up to five months – and if you tally these two figures, it is clear that Honda can only make about 5,000 Amaze cars a month (which is 50% of its production capacity at the moment), as it also has to cater to Brio and City buyers.

It has a second plant in Tapukara in Rajasthan in which it is investing Rs. 2,500 crore, but this plant will begin production only sometime in 2014. So for the rest of this year, at least, expect huge waiting periods on all Honda cars! ALSO WATCH: Honda Amaze diesel and petrol video review – Amazing twins