Honda Amaze to Nissan IDX Nismo is a wacky mod job!

Honda launched the Amaze sub-4 meter sedan quite a few years ago. Based on the Brio hatchback, the car fared the same as its hatchback counterpart due to uninspiring interiors (the later facelift improved upon that) and quirky design. The new generation Amaze, however, is a different story altogether and is the second best selling vehicle in its segment. The sedan is not a popular car in the mod circuits though, which actually none of the sub-4 meter sedans is. Mumbai based Executive Modcar Trendz (EMT) had different ideas though. They have thus created a Nissan IDX Nismo replica based on the older generation Honda Amaze.

Nissan IDX Nismo by EMT

Feels like your dapper dream car?Modified by #EMT into a concept car 'Nissan IDX Nismo'.Click here or call on +91 98218 80163 for inquiries.

Executive Modcar Trendz ಅವರಿಂದ ಈ ದಿನದಂದು ಪೋಸ್ಟ್ ಮಾಡಲಾಗಿದೆ ಶುಕ್ರವಾರ, ಮೇ 3, 2019

For reference, the original Nissan IDX Nismo has been featured below. It is a concept car showcased at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show and is supposedly inspired by the Datsun 510. The Amaze based modification job here, however, seems a bit off to say the least. The effort put in by the guys at EMT is commendable as they have made a ton of changes on the car, including revamped interiors. The end result though looks more of a parody of the Nissan IDX Nismo.

Nissan Idx Nismo
Nissan IDX Nismo concept

The body panels, headlights, profile etc have been painstakingly worked upon so as to bring the car as near to the original car as possible. However, the shape and body dimensions of the Honda Amaze don’t quite match with the car and it ends up looking like a cheap kit car. Among the major change done on the Amaze here is the reworked side body profile and the deletion of the rear doors. Yes, there are now only two doors on this car mimicking the original car.

Emt Amaze 1

The front end gets a huge transformation with LED DRLs, custom fabricated body panels among other things. The car now runs on stylish alloy wheels shod on with low profile tires. The wing mirrors are stylish sleek units to give the car a sporty profile.

Emt Amaze 4

The level of detailing can be seen in the side exhaust vents the Amaze has been equipped with, which resemble the one found on the IDX Nismo. The roof has been redesigned towards the end to match the IDX Nismo’s body profile. All these efforts make us appreciate the modifiers and think about the hard work done to create this car. The only sad part is that it looks quite disproportionate and quirky, to say the least.

Emt Amaze 5

The interiors too have been given a revamp but they have not been inspired by the IDX Nismo in any sense. A combination of bright yellow and sky blue colour shades now cover the whole interiors landscape. The door pads have been given a faux carbon fibre finish so as to suggest the sporty intentions of the car.

Emt Amaze 3

If the front and the side body design do invoke even a little bit of appreciation from you, the rear end of the car will definitely make you slightly numb. No more superlatives adjectives for the car now folks. As an end note, the hard work and long hours put in building this car are praiseworthy but the Honda Amaze cum Nissan IDX Nismo here is one hell of a wacky mod job.

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