Honda Amaze vs Chevrolet Sail: Which offers better value for money?

Looking at the prices at which the Honda Amaze has been launched, it seems to be taking the Maruti Dzire head on. But how does the Honda Amaze fare against the Chevrolet Sail, a much larger sedan, but priced in the same bracket, and in fact slightly cheaper?

Here’s a feature to feature comparison between the Honda Amaze and the Chevrolet Sail, a car that has been steadily picking up in sales. The Chevrolet Sail sold 2,232 cars in March, a healthy increase over the 1,486 it sold in February, but it doesn’t seem to have dented the market leader, the Maruti Dzire in any way. Could the new Honda Amaze eat up a bit of the Chevrolet Sail’s pie now? Also read:  Honda Amaze VX diesel road test and review: An amazing package

Honda Amaze vs Chevrolet Sail: Which offers better value for money?

Chevrolet Sail has equal cabin space, lower luggage space

The Chevrolet Sail is a car that is significantly bigger than the Honda Amaze, as it is about 4.2 metres in length. But being longer definitely does not mean being bigger. The Honda Amaze and the Chevrolet Sail have about the same interior cabin space. The thing here is the size of the dashboard. Honda has neatly tucked the dashboard as far forward as possible, using only minimal space, while the Sail’s dashboard is huge and takes up quite a bit of forward space. The Chevrolet Sail though has a bigger parcel shelf that is more useable than the Amaze. But when it comes to luggage space the Honda Amaze has 400 litres of space compared to 370 litres for the Chevrolet Sail. In terms of seating space, the Sail has better shoulder-room than the Amaze at the rear.

In terms of space utility the Honda Amaze seems to be marginally better than the Chevrolet Sail overall, although for five passengers, the Sail would be better. The Sail also has an advantage in terms of NVH levels – it is quieter than the Amaze, especially the diesel variant. It also feels a little more solid compared to the super-light Amaze. Also read: Compact sedans: All you wanted to know about Amaze, Dzire, Indigo and others

Honda Amaze vs Chevrolet Sail: Which offers better value for money?

Chevrolet Sail has an edge on safety features, variant for variant

If you look at the features that the Honda Amaze and Chevrolet Sail come with the Sail appears to have an edge. The top-end variants (Honda Amaze VX and Chevrolet Sail LT) are evenly matched as both have two airbags, ABS, alloy wheels, front fog lamps and integrated music system. The Honda Amaze has steering audio controls, power folding mirrors and height adjustable driver’s seat. The Chevrolet Sail has Bluetooth phone connectivity in its audio system.

But when you look at the mid variants of the Honda Amaze vs the Chevrolet Sail, the Sail has an edge. The mid-variant LS-ABS variant of the Sail has ABS and a single airbag. The Honda Amaze gets ABS only in the diesel Amaze S variant and no airbags. Other features are comparable. If you go a variant lower, the Sail still retains a driver airbag, but no ABS, while the Honda Amaze diesel has ABS on the Amaze EX and E variants too, but no airbags, and no music system on the base variant. The petrol Amaze has ABS only on the VX and S automatic variants.

If safety features are a priority, the Chevrolet Sail has an edge in the mid variants, while the base diesel the Honda Amaze is better, and both are evenly matched in the top-end variants. In terms of convenience features, both are evenly matched again. Also read: Chevrolet Sail vs all entry-level sedans

Honda Amaze has better performance and mileage than Chevrolet Sail

The Honda Amaze petrol comes with a 1.2 litre engine that puts out 87 bhp of power and 109 Nm of torque. The Chevrolet Sail’s petrol 1.2 litre engine puts out 85 bhp of power and 113 Nm of torque. However, the Amaze is nearly 100 Kg lighter than the Sail and hence has better power to weight ratio. In terms of fuel efficiency, both are evenly matched at a claimed 18 kmpl.

Among diesels, the Honda Amaze is clearly ahead. It comes with a 1.5 litre diesel engine putting out 98.6 bhp of power and 200 Nm of torque. The Sail has a 1.3 litre engine putting out 77 bhp of power and 205 Nm of torque. The Amaze is again lighter than the Sail by about 70 kg, and gets a much better power to weight ratio. Honda’s diesel Amaze has a claimed fuel efficiency of 25.8 kmpl, compared to 23.5 kmpl for the Sail.

Overall, among both petrol and diesel engine choices, the Honda Amaze has an edge over the Chevrolet Sail. Also see: Honda Amaze diesel and petrol video review – Amazing twins


Price comparison

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What we think

The Honda Amaze and Chevrolet Sail are almost evenly priced variant for variant. However, you do get a larger car, size-wise with the Chevrolet Sail – as it is a proper sedan, not a compact sedan. Funnily, it does not have much of a space advantage though over the Amaze, although the Sail feels quieter and more solid compared to the Amaze. Both cars are evenly matched on features. But on performance and fuel economy, the Honda Amaze clearly has a lead over the Chevrolet Sail, and that’s what makes it a winner when it comes to more bang for your buck. Also read: Honda Amaze VX Diesel vs Maruti Suzuki Dzire ZDI: Features and specs compared!