Honda Amaze vs Maruti Dzire video comparison: Which car suits your needs?

Honda Amaze or Maruti Dzire. A comparison that most buyers looking for a compact sedan always look at. The thing is, with the Honda Amaze being priced, almost spot on variant for variant with the Maruti Dzire, it is indeed a tough choice, as both have their pros and cons. The car most in demand among both is the diesel variant, the Maruti Dzire diesel and the Honda Amaze diesel account for most of their sales. Maruti clocks over 15,000 units a month for the Dzire in sales, while Honda is close to 5,000 units a month, constrained only by production capacity. The Honda Amaze now has a waiting period of close to six months in some cases – especially the diesel in light colours. Also read: Compact sedans – all you wanted to know about Honda Amaze, Maruti Dzire, Tata Indigo and others

Here’s a look at how these two cars compare in this video comparison. Also read: Honda Amaze VX Diesel vs Maruti Suzuki Dzire ZDI: Features and specs compared! 


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