Honda Amaze VX diesel vs Maruti Dzire ZDI specifications and features compared

Now that we’ve told you how the Honda Amaze diesel drives and what this car comes packed with – here’s a question that many of you have asked. Is the Honda Amaze a better car than the Maruti Swift Dzire diesel?

Here’s a specifications and features comparison of the two – the Maruti Swift Dzire diesel which is the top-selling car in the compact sedan segment in India and the Honda Amaze diesel, which on the face of it has the potential to take a serious bite out of the leader’s market share. Also read: Honda Amaze VX diesel road test and review: An amazing package


Honda Amaze VX diesel vs Maruti Dzire ZDI specifications and features compared

Amaze is more compact than Dzire, but packs in more space

First a look at the size and looks. The Honda Amaze looks more proportionate as a car than the Maruti Swift Dzire, which has a rather truncated rear, because the Amaze’s bonnet is much shorter than the Dzire and matches the boot’s proportions. However, the passenger cabin of the Honda Amaze is larger than the Dzire and that has freed up lots of space for passengers – there’s more than enough legroom for rear seat passengers, something which the Dzire lacks. Both cars can seat four passengers comfortably, while the fifth would be a squeeze.

When it comes to luggage space, the Amaze outclasses the Dzire. The 400-litre boot on the Amaze can carry quite a bit of luggage, while the Dzire’s 316-litre boot just isn’t big enough. The Honda Amaze measures 3990 mm in length, 1680 mm in width and 1505 mm in height with a 2405 mm wheelbase. The Maruti Dzire measures 3995 mm in length, 1695 mm in width and 1555 mm in height with a 2430 mm wheelbase.

Overall, on proportions and space, the Honda Amaze is better than the Maruti Dzire.

Amaze has better power, better drivability, more fuel efficiency than Dzire

The Honda Amaze diesel’s engine not only is bigger than the Dzire, but it is also tuned better for more drivability. The Honda Amaze has a 1498 cc, 16-valve, four-cylinder, common-rail diesel engine that puts out 98.6 bhp of power at 4000 rpm and 200 Nm of torque at 1750 rpm, using a fixed geometry turbocharger. It has a five-speed manual transmission which has smooth shifts and well-matched ratios for quick pick-up, with hardly any turbo lag. The Maruti Swift Dzire comes with a 1248 cc, four-cylinder multijet diesel engine with a fixed geometry turbocharger, putting out 74 bhp of power at 4000 rpm and 190 Nm of torque at 2000 rpm. The Dzire too has a smooth five-speed manual transmission, but it does suffer from some turbo lag below 2000 rpm.

The way the power is delivered makes the Amaze more drivable especially in city traffic as you don’t need to downshift too often to get power, while with the Dzire, one needs to downshift to extract power for quick overtaking. Both cars have equally good steering feel and certain sportiness to them. The Amaze also has a much better power-to-weight ratio than the Maruti Dzire, which accounts for its sportiness.

But what’s probably the icing on the cake for the Amaze is how it has managed to squeeze out a huge 25.8 kmpl of fuel efficiency (India’s best so far among cars), compared to 23.4 kmpl ARAI certified mileage for the diesel Maruti Dzire.

Overall, the Honda Amaze has an edge over the Maruti Dzire when it comes to performance, drivability and fuel economy.

Honda Amaze VX diesel vs Maruti Dzire ZDI specifications and features compared

Dzire is more refined, has an edge on features

However, where the Maruti Dzire has an edge over the Honda Amaze is in the cabin refinement. The Honda Amaze does not have very good sound insulation, and you do get engine noise filtering into the cabin. The Dzire has better sound insulation and doesn’t sound noisy. Also the Maruti Dzire gets adjustable headrests for the front seats and the cabin feels plusher compared to the Honda Amaze, although both have good fit and finish.

In terms of features, the Maruti Dzire ZDI offers automatic climate control and a CD player with the music system, as well as a rear fog lamp. The Honda Amaze offers power-folding mirrors, but has only a USB-Aux-radio music system and only offers front fog lamps and manual HVAC controls. Both offer dual airbags, ABS, alloy wheels, defogger, tilt-steering, height-adjustable drivers’ seat and keyless entry.

The Maruti Dzire ZDI variant has a few more convenience features compared to the Honda Amaze VX iDtec.

Closely priced

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Now it all boils down to the prices of the Honda Amaze. Honda has closely matched the Maruti Dzire’s prices almost variant for variant. At the entry level petrol variant – Honda Amaze is at Rs.4.99 lakh, while the Maruti Dzire is at Rs. 4.93 lakh. At the entry-level diesel variant both the Amaze and Dzire start at Rs. 5.99 lakh. At the top-end the Honda Amaze diesel is just Rs. 9000 more than the Maruti Dzire diesel, while the petrol is about Rs. 15,000 more expensive than the Maruti Dzire. The advantages that the Amaze has is more passenger space, more luggage space, better fuel economy and more power in diesel, as well as all diesel variants featuring ABS. However, on the top-end variant it lacks some features that the Maruti Dzire has such as automatic climate control, rear fog lamp and a comprehensive multi-information display. Also the Dzire features 15-inch alloys, while the Amaze has 14-inch alloys. These are just minor differences, and those looking at the convenience of space and fuel economy would look at the Amaze, while those who like a well-laid out dashboard with a few more gizmos would still look at the Dzire. But it’s really too close to call!

Honda has priced the Amaze at a very slight premium to the Dzire in order to avoid getting flooded with orders and chalking up huge waiting periods, but it may still face excess demand. Also read: Upcoming car launches for summer of 2013

Tell us, how do you think the Honda Amaze fares against the Maruti Dzire? Would you opt for the Honda Amaze over the Maruti Dzire?

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Technical Specifications

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