Honda Brio deals: Savings of up to Rs. 20,000!

There is one big, hidden plus behind Honda’s discontinuing Civic and possibly Accord: it has abandoned its premium/profit maximisation goal and has seriously joined the game for big sales numbers. And that means deals and discounts you’d normally not associate with Honda.

Honda Brio deals: Savings of up to Rs. 20,000!

That also means greater focus on Brio and City—Brio would be the first to get the diesel powerplant—but that’s another story. For now, we have some nice deals on Brio that make it a pretty compelling buy vis-a-vis competition.

Honda Brio vs. Maruti Suzuki Wagon R

The base model, Brio EMT, gets insurance off bringing about savings of Rs. 10,000. At Rs. 4.05 lakh Brio EMT was priced Rs. 2,000 higher than Wagon R Vxi. With the savings, it is going to cost Rs. 8,000 less.

Both have similar features despite Wagon R Vxi being the top end model. Where Brio scores is in performance—it boasts 87 bhp to Wagon R’s 67 bhp. And that power comes with typically good Honda handling and fluid gear box. It has more space too making it a pretty attractive option to the top-end Wagon R.

Honda Brio vs. Maruti Suzuki Swift

The top end Brio VMT, which costs Rs. 5.23 lakh gets free insurance and navigation aid. The total value of this benefit would be around Rs. 20,000. The comparable Swift Zxi costs substantially more at Rs. 5.68 lakh. That’s about Rs. 45,000 more—add benefits of Rs. 20,000 and gap widens to Rs. 65,000.

While Swift is marginally bigger, and it has a few more goodies (a rear defogger), there is not that much too choose between the two. And considering we are talking two petrol cars here, savings of Rs. 65,000 would go a long way towards filling the tank for a pretty decent time to come.

The other Brio models too come with free insurance off. So if you want your Brio with ABS and two airbags, the SMT variant at Rs. 4.43 lakh is good option.

Overall, with or without discounts, Brio is a pretty good deal.  Anything off the list price makes it all the more better.