Honda Brio driver smashes Govt bus windshield, mirror with baseball bat in road rage: Video viral

In a viral video, a motorist in Mumbai was spotted using a baseball bat to repeatedly threaten and hit a BEST bus. The video was captured by the travellers on the bus and the bus driver himself on a mobile phone.

The video shows a man, who is the driver of a Honda Brio out in front of the BEST bus and attacking the vehicle by hitting it repeatedly. His car – the Brio has been parked in front of the bus and is blocking the way of the bus as well. We can see the man in the video going berserk and hitting the headlamps of the bus repeatedly with the baseball bat. He also breaks the ORVM.

He also hits the windscreen of the bus and breaks it. The driver of the bus remains calm and asks the man to do whatever he wants to do as he is recording the incident. The bus driver also asks the passengers to call the police.

According to the information available, the BEST bus driver hit the rear of the Honda Brio in the traffic. The man came out of the car and responded very aggressively causing a road rage. The exact reason for the outrage, however, remains unclear.

Anish Banerjee, who was travelling in the bus posted the video online and said, “Tonight a person has intentionally attacked a BEST bus with a baseball stick. He broke the front glass and side mirror as well. Due to this chaos, severe traffic congestion was created. The vehicle number is MH02CP7747. @MumbaiPolice @CPMumbaiPolice please take action.”

Mumbai Police took cognisance of the incident and asked to file a report on the matter at the nearest police station.

Do not engage in a road rage

Honda Brio driver smashes Govt bus windshield, mirror with baseball bat in road rage: Video viral

The driver of the BEST driver showed how to handle the matter appropriately and not engage on such cases. Road rage is a volatile situation that can escalate rapidly. Maintaining a calm and composed demeanor while driving is crucial, especially on the chaotic roads of India. Here are some tips to prevent road rage incidents:

  • Stay relaxed: Driving should be a soothing experience. Create a relaxing atmosphere by playing music and adjusting the air conditioner. Take deep breaths and approach the road with a positive mindset.
  • Follow traffic rules: Adhere to speed limits and use turn signals appropriately when changing lanes. Stay aware of your surroundings by regularly checking your rearview mirrors.
  • Allow for mistakes: Recognize that other drivers may make errors or display aggressive behavior.
  • Instead of reacting negatively, give them space and forgive their mistakes.

By practicing these tips, you can contribute to a safer and more harmonious driving environment, reducing the likelihood of road rage incidents.