Honda Brio falls over a ledge into a pool of water after handbrake failure: Passengers rescued [Video]

A shocking incident unfolded over the weekend, captured on camera, as a Honda Brio plunged into a pool of water in Lodhiya Kund, Indore, Madhya Pradesh. The video, recorded by an onlooker, depicts a distressing scene as both a father and his daughter, occupants of the car, urgently call for assistance.

Recorded on a mobile device, the footage reveals the Honda Brio perched precariously on a ledge. As recounted by local witnesses, the driver unfortunately failed to engage the handbrake. Consequently, the car set in motion and plummeted into the pool from a height of at least 12 feet.

The Brio abruptly submerged into the water, as depicted by the recording. It began to float, carrying with it the two passengers who were onboard during the incident. Their cries for help drew the attention of nearby tourists, who promptly rushed to aid the distressed father-daughter duo, ultimately rescuing them.

Honda Brio falls over a ledge into a pool of water after handbrake failure: Passengers rescued [Video]

The extent of damage suffered by the Brio remains uncertain. Visible signs suggest significant impairment. The exact circumstances leading to the car’s plunge into the pool remain unclear. It could be attributed to the absence of an engaged handbrake or a potential insufficiency in the handbrake’s holding strength.

To prevent such mishaps, employing additional precautions is crucial. Utilizing measures like placing substantial objects, such as large rocks, in front of the tires can serve as effective preventive measures. Furthermore, engaging the vehicle’s gear can help ensure it remains stationary. Notably, older vehicles may possess weaker handbrake capabilities, potentially contributing to incidents of this nature. Additionally, some individuals might not fully secure the handbrake, inadvertently causing the vehicle to roll downhill.

How can you avoid this?

It’s simple: employ additional measures to prevent your vehicle from rolling downhill. To start, always use a rock placed behind the wheel to increase rolling friction and ensure the vehicle remains stationary when parked on an incline. This technique is commonly practiced in mountainous areas, where you’ll frequently spot vehicles secured with rocks behind their wheels.

Another precautionary measure is to park your vehicle in gear. Although this may exert extra strain on the transmission while parked, it’s a practical solution to prevent your vehicle from rolling down a slope. Parking in gear does expose the transmission to potential damage in case of an accident, but it’s a preferable option to chasing a runaway vehicle down a mountainside.

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