Honda Brio gets a modified rear with new features

Honda seems to have updated the Honda Brio in Thailand and the refresh is likely to soon make it to Honda Brio variants in India as well. The Brio is a fairly well equipped car, but there were some key features that buyers wanted and it looks like Honda has acted on the feedback.

Wiper and washer added

The Honda Brio in Thailand now features a rear wash & wipe, along with a defogger. Honda recently added a defogger on the VX variant of the Honda Brio in India, but no wiper. The Honda Brio features an all-glass rear-hatch and integrating a wiper into that is tough owing to the weight of the wiper mechanism on the glass. Also read: Honda launches refreshed Brio variants with more features

Modified rear hatch

So what Honda has done now is to modify the rear hatch design to give it a frame along with the glass and has attached the wiper mechanism to the metal frame. This, of course, makes the rear hatch slightly heavier and the glass no longer extends all the way to the bumper tip. There is a bit of metal that has crept in although overall the design looks just as the Brio was intended. Another change is that one cannot directly peep into the boot of the Brio like you could with the all glass hatch. There’s also a small chrome strip and different badge placement.

New navigation system

The rear-washer nozzle has be incorporated into the rear spoiler that comes with the variant featuring the rear wiper – the V variant in Thailand and most likely the VX variant in India soon. Other changes that the Brio sees is a new touch-screen audio-visual navigation system that is likely to be offered as an option in India too.

There is no official word on when the refreshed Brio with the new rear-hatch design would make it to India, but most likely the car may come in during the festive season. Honda anyway already has its hands full with scale production of the Honda Amaze, City and Brio filling up its 10,000 car a month plant capacity. Also watch: Honda Brio automatic video review