Honda cars & SUVs get big festive season discounts

Honda India has announced two month long annual celebration, christened the ‘The Great Honda Fest’. The fest began on the 1st of September and will be on till 31st October 2017.

What is this all about?

Honda cars & SUVs get big festive season discounts

Every year, companies give good offers during the festive season to boost car sales. Honda is also doing the same to make sure that they can have better sales during the next two months.

Who are eligible?

Anyone who has had their vehicle invoiced in the given time frame can avail of the offer.


There are a few special things that are offered during this period. Not only are there large amounts of discounts on offer, customers can get the Honda Assure subscription at Re 1 and can also get a trip for two to the US. For that, you will have to enter the ‘Adventure of space, Earth & Ocean’ contest via Honda’s Indian website and fill in the required details. The trip to the US includes a visit to the Kennedy Space Center, the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas and Las Angeles.

All authorized Honda dealers are participating in this contest and all you need to do to win yourself this trip is to buy a Honda within this time frame.

Discounts on offer:

Brio: Upto Rs 21,000, including the Honda Assure membership which can now be got at Re 1 across all variants.

Jazz: It has a cash discount of upto Rs 15,000 and benefits upto Rs 42,000, which includes the Honda Assure membership at Re 1.

Amaze: For the Amaze, you can get accessories worth Rs 26,000 and the benefits from the Honda Assure at Re 1 is Rs 50,000, as long as the vehicle is manufactured in 2017. This is available across the range and with either petrol or diesel vehicles both.

BR-V: The BR-V has been a very slow seller and you can now get a cash discount of upto Rs 1 lakh on the top spec VX grade in both petrol and diesel guise.