Honda CB 300R with an aftermarket exhaust sounds real ANGRY [Video]

The Honda CB 300R is a naked street bike that’s been on sale in international markets of South East Asia for a few months now, and a range of accessories are already available for the motorcycle. The aftermarket exhaust is one of the most common accessories that motorcycle buyers opt for. Here’s one such aftermarket exhaust for the Honda CB 300R, and with the exhaust on, the motorcycle sounds quite angry.

Of course, such exhausts are not legal, which means that there’s always the risk of a cop or an RTO official stopping a modified motorcycle and fining the rider, and in the worst case, seizing the motorcycle. On private roads and on the racetrack, such exhausts are perfectly legal though. In fact, most aftermarket exhaust manufacturers specify that the exhausts they build and sell are meant for off-road use or for track racing.

As of now, Honda has not revealed an official line up of accessories for the CB 300R. It’s always advisable to opt for official accessories offered by the manufacturer as it helps keep warranty intact. Since the CB 300R is imported into India through the completely knocked down (CKD) kit route, offering accessories that are already available in international markets should be quite straight forward.

The Honda CB 300R that’s gone on sale in India is priced at Rs. 2.41 lakhs, ex-showroom India, which takes the on road price of the motorcycle to a little over Rs. 3 lakhs. Compared to the much more powerful and faster KTM Duke 390, the CB 300R’s pricing seems quite premium. Honda will be relying on the higher perceived quality levels and refinement that the brand is known for. The neo-retro styling of the motorcycle could also be a major selling point of the CB 300R as a lot of people find the Duke’s styling too edgy and loud for their liking.

Honda CB 300R with an aftermarket exhaust sounds real ANGRY [Video]

A good bit about the Honda CB 300R is its weight, or rather the lack of it. The motorcycle’s kerb weight sits at 147 Kgs, which makes it the lightest in its segment. This light weight ensures that the Honda CB 300R has enough juice to hit a speedo indicated speed of 160 Kph. The motorcycle is powered by a 286cc four stroke engine that makes 30.5 Bhp of peak power and 27.5 Nm of peak torque. A six speed manual gearbox is standard with this engine, but there’s no slipper clutch on offer.

What is instead offered is a class leading inertial measurement unit (IMU) that’s integrated with the motorcycle’s anti-lock braking system. The IMU distributes braking force evenly and helps the motorcycle stay upright even under very hard emergency braking situations. The Honda CB 300R offers an upright stance to the rider with a tall handlebar in place. The handlebar is rubber mounted, and this is meant to reduce vibrations. The riding stance is sporty though, with rear set footpegs. The motorcycle is meant for everyday riding, and the occasional weekend ride around town.