Honda CB300R with touring modifications looks adventure ready [Video]


Honda launched the all-new CB300R in the Indian market earlier this year. The all-new naked bike takes on the likes of KTM 390 Duke in the market. While there are many options in the naked street segment in the Indian market, the option for long-distance touring motorcycles is still scarce. Many modify their regular, naked motorcycles and add touring-friendly modifications to make the bike much more capable. Here is a digitally created image that shows Honda CB300R in proper touring form.

The digital image by DESI GEEEK of the bike shows it as a proper touring bike with added accessories. To start with, the bike gets a beak-shaped front mudguard that gives the bike true off-roading look. It also gets a different mudguard and the alloy wheels have been replaced with the spoked rims, which are much more rugged and abuse-friendly than the alloy wheels. Making the bike more capable is the off-road tyres with big blocks.

To make the ride comfortable for long-distance trips, the seat gets replaced with a new, more comfortable and extra cushioned seat. Even the pillion seat is now more comfortable when compared to the stock seats. Other changes include new handlebar guards, auxiliary lamps mounted on the side, that will make riding at night very easy and comfortable. The bike also gets a tall windscreen that will help the riders from wind blast on the open highways.

All of these modifications and accessories can be sourced from a local aftermarket shop and can be installed on the bike to make it a better touring bike. However, sourcing and installing all the parts will come out to be expensive and unless you only want this bike as your adventure machine, it is a better idea to buy an ADV bike. Accessories are not always as reliable as the OEM products and it is always a good idea to prefer reliability, especially if the bike is going to far off destinations in search of adventure.

Honda CB300R with touring modifications looks adventure ready [Video]

There is no doubt that the Honda CB300R gets an extremely smooth engine that can be pretty useful for fatigue-free long distance rides. The bike is priced at Rs. 2.41 lakh, ex-showroom, Delhi and it has become quite popular in the market. The all-new CBR is currently sold-out for the next two months as the first batch of the bike is completely sold out. It is a Completely Knocked Down (CKD) product, which is assembled in India.

Honda offers the all-new CB300R through the Honda Wing dealerships. There are 22 such dealerships across India. The bike gets powered by a 286cc, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine that produces a maximum power of 31 Bhp and a peak torque of 27.5 Nm. The bike weighs only 147 kg, which makes it very agile in heavy traffic situations. The bike is offered with a 6-speed transmission.