Honda CB350 H’ness: Hear its exhaust note on the highway [Video]

Honda launched their premium motorcycle CB350 H’Ness or Highness in the market earlier this month. Honda has also started the delivery of this motorcycle via Honda’s Big Wing dealerships. Honda H’Ness is directly competing with bikes like Royal Enfield Classic 350 and Jawa. Both motorcycles that Honda Highness competes against in the segment are less expensive but, Honda Highness at Rs 1.9 lakh, ex-showroom offers more features too. Both Royal Enfield Classic and Jawa have nice-sounding exhaust notes and here we have a video that shows how the exhaust on the new Honda sounds like on a highway.

The video has been uploaded by Abhinav Bhatt on his youtube channel. The video simply shows how the motorcycle sounds when it is in idle and the sound of it when it is on the highway. The vlogger starts the bike and shows how the bike sounds in idle form. There is a slight thump when the engine starts and apart from that, the exhaust note feels very smooth.

The vlogger then gets on the bike and starts riding. The moment he starts riding, the nature of the exhaust changes. The exhaust note becomes a lot more deeper and as the bike picks up some speed, the exhaust opens up and a bit of popping is also heard at times. The exhaust is not at all loud but the deep thump is quite soothing to the years.

Honda Highness is a retro styled modern motorcycle and the exhaust note also has that neo retro feel to it. Unlike Jawa, Honda CB350 H’Ness gets a single exhaust set up and that gets chrome finish to it. Honda H’Ness gets modern features like all LED headlamps, turn indicators and tail lights. One of the feature that no other bike in this segment offers is the bluetooth connectivity feature. The digital information display shows navigation, lets control the music and manage calls on the go. It comes with a refined 348-cc, single cylinder, air cooled, fuel injected engine producing 20.8 Bhp and 30 Nm of torque. The bike also offers safety features like ABS and switchable traction control