Honda CBR 250R street racing a Toyota Fortuner at 160 Kmph is sheer madness [Video]

It is a common sight on Indian highways to see bikes or cars getting into a race. We have featured many such incidents where cars and bikes get into street racing. Today, we bring to you a similar video where a Honda CBR 250R races with a Toyota Fortuner SUV on a highway. Let’s have a look at the video first and see who wins the race.

The video has been uploaded by TBC motovlog.  It starts with the Honda CBR 250R where the rider is seen cruising at 120 kmph on a highway within moments a Toyota Fortuner overtakes him from the right side and takes the lead. Next thing you know is that both the vehicles are in a race. Fortuner takes the lead and maintains that for quite some time.

The CBR rider is also in full throttle mode and trying to chase the Fortuner. The highway is empty for most of the part which allows the rider to utilise full power of the motorcycle. He then starts gaining and the distance between Fortuner and the CBR starts to reduce. At the speed of 158 Kmph on the speedometer CBR overtakes Toyota Fortuner and takes back the lead. After that Fortuner was left behind, the driver in the car slowed down and did not try to get into the race again.

This race does not prove that Fortuner is a less powerful vehicle. there may be many factors why the Fortuner had lost. Like, the driver, weight of the car, passengers in it or may be in this case it is possible that driver was not using the power of the SUV fully. Fortuner comes with a 2.8L diesel engine producing 174 Bhp and a 2.7L petrol engine producing 164 Bhp. Just like Fortuner, Honda CBR 250R has also been in the country for a while and is one the best motorcycle for touring purposes. It is powered by a 249-cc, liquid cooled, single cylinder engine producing a maximum of 25.7 bhp and 22.9 Nm torque.

We would not recommend engaging in such street races as they are dangerous. In India any animal, person or even a vehicle can come in front you out nowhere and controlling a bike or a car at such high speeds is a task. If you want your thrills, please head to the race track, which will allow you to harness the performance of your vehicle in a much safer, controlled environment.

Ajeesh Kuttan

Ajeesh, started 6 years ago with as an eager journalist passionate about bikes. His skills now encompass both bikes and cars, producing timely news reports spanning the auto sector. Beyond writing, Ajeesh excels in video production. Together with Shantonil, he participates in first drives and test drives for new car launches. (Full bio)