Sudden braking at 130 km/h on ‘non-ABS’ Honda CBR250R to save a dog [Video]

The highly unpredictable Indian roads can throw in surprises at any moment at the motorists. This makes the Indian roads one of the most dangerous in the world. Thousands of accidents take place in India every year and most of them turn out to be fatal. Here is one such incident that shows the close moment when the rider of the Honda CBR250R suddenly applied the brakes after spotting a dog on the road.

The video uploaded by TBC Motovlog on YouTube shows the rider on an empty but badly shaped road surface. Since the road is empty, the biker can be seen speeding on it and he even shows the speedometer indicating more than 130 km/h. The helmet-mounted camera of the rider first shows speed and then as soon he points the camera towards the road, we can see a dog taking a brisk walk across the road.

As soon as the rider sees the dog, he applies the brake of the bike. He keeps on trying to avoid the dog and keeps on hoping that the dog will get out of the way. It should be noted that the Honda CBR250R used by the rider in the video is more than 5 years old and it does not get an Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), which is specially made for such situations. Since there is no ABS in play, the rider does an excellent job of avoiding panic braking on catching a glimpse of the dog and he also maintains his line and stays on the straight line. Maintaining a straight line ensures that you do not confuse the animal or the pedestrian in front of your vehicle.

After showing 130 km/h on the speedometer, the camera catches a glimpse of the speed, which seems to be around 54 km/h but it cannot be confirmed as the image quality is blurred. In the end, the rider steers away from the dog successfully but only in the last moment.

The Honda CBR250R is a pretty capable touring motorcycle but on the open highways, one should always stick to the speed limits to avoid such incidents. Hitting the dog would have increased the chances of getting him thrown. However, he avoided it with quick thinking.

Sudden braking at 130 km/h on ‘non-ABS’ Honda CBR250R to save a dog [Video]

While in India, there are a few things that should be kept in mind while driving or riding. One of the most important things motorists can do is not to over speed on the highways. Especially, if the highway is going through a town or a village. Not only stray gods but stray cattle and even pedestrians can appear suddenly on the roads, making it difficult to avoid them at high speeds.