Honda City 4th gen pre-facelift model neatly converted into 2018 model [Video]

Honda City is one of the popular mid size sedans in the Indian market. Honda City has been present in the Indian market for over 2 decades and during this time, we have see five generations of this sedan in the market. Honda City is popular among customers for its comfortable ride and spacious cabin. We have also seen several modified examples of Honda City in India and abroad. We have featured some of these tastefully modified examples on our website too. Here we have a video where a 4th generation pre-facelift model Honda City sedan has been neatly modified into a facelifted model.

The video has been uploaded by Autorounders on their YouTube channel. In this video, a Honda City sedan arrives at the workshop. There are minor scratches and dents on the body of the car. It looks like the car was involved in an accident as the boot of the car was damaged. The owner wanted to repair the boot and also give his sedan a new look. The 4th generation facelift look which was offered on sale along with the current 5th gen model looks very premium and the workshop suggested the look. The customer agreed on the same and the work was started.

The team starts by removing the front bumper, grille, headlamps and fog lamps. The rear bumper, tail gate and the tail lamps were also removed. The team then starts fixing the minor dents on the body panels using a dent puller machine. The door panels and the roof of the car had several dents on them. They were all fixed and a thin coat of putty was also applied after that. Once this was done, excess putty on these panels were removed used a sander. If putty is used in excess, it would make the panel heavy and the chances of it cracking over time are also high.

Honda City 4th gen pre-facelift model neatly converted into 2018 model [Video]

Once the putty and sanding work was done, a coat of primer was applied on the whole car. The tail gate of this Honda City that was damaged was also fixed and even that got a coat of primer on it. Primer protects the metal panels on the car from rusting and it also helps in enhancing the shade of paint that would be sprayed on to the car. Once the primer has dried, the car is taken to the paint booth. The owner did not want to change the colour of his car. He opted for the stock Deep Red shade which the sedan came with.

Premium quality paint has been used for this process and once the car is completely spray painted, a coat of clear coat is also applied on the car. The paint booth helps them achieving an even finish to the paint job. The bumper, headlamps, grille on this sedan were replaced with 4th gen facelift model and it was fitting neatly on to the existing panels. The finished product was looking extremely good and it did not look like a pre-facelift 4th gen model from outside.