Honda City and Brio waiting periods to increase in December 2011

If you are planning to buy a Honda City or a Honda Brio, you will have to face a longer waiting period. Honda’s Thailand operations have been affected by flood and hence they are suffering from supply constraints.

This has lead to a 95% production shut down of the Honda City and Honda Brio. Therefore, potential buyers have to wait for a longer time, particularly for the Honda City, Honda Brio and Honda Jazz.

Honda City and Brio waiting periods to increase in December 2011
Photo: The waiting period for the Brio and City will now increase by up to 2 months

Honda is putting in efforts to tackle the shortage of parts for the City and Brio by sourcing components from Honda Japan and Honda China. Honda has stopped the production of the City and Brio. The company will manufacture only 250 units of the Honda Jazz and a few hundred units of the Civic and the Accord. Since the Honda CR-V is a direct import it is the only model which will not be affected.

Waiting period: The Honda Brio, which has clocked 6,000 bookings already, has a waiting period of six months. Similarly Honda Jazz bookings have been stopped since it has a waiting period of six months already. The Honda City will now likely have a minimum waiting period of two months. According to dealers and vendor sources, the production of the City is expected to recover by mid January and the production of Jazz and Brio is expected to recover by mid February. See our Honda Brio video review here.

Honda Brio is an important car for the company to establish itself as a niche player in the highly competitive mass market in India. However, the first hurdle came in the form of earthquake in Japan that delayed the launch of Brio by a couple of months. And now, the second blow has come in the form of floods in Thailand affecting the production of Brio in India.

Honda’s volume driver, the Honda City too will have a higher waiting period than its rivals. Though loyal Honda fans will be ready to wait to drive home their Honda, the company may lose a few impatient buyers meanwhile.