Honda City CNG variant to be launched in October

Honda has finally decided to come out with a CNG variant of its popular sedan the City, joining the bandwagon of car manufacturers cashing in on the demand for CNG variants. It will likely be launched around October to cash in on the festive rush.

Updated 25 October 2012: Honda City CNG – now launched! 

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Honda City CNG variant to be launched in October

In the present market scenario, the lack of a diesel engine had proved to be a major setback for Honda. The presence of a CNG variant could play an important role in helping Honda regain its position in the segment.

The City CNG will be a great alternative to those who are in love with Honda reliability and brand name, but also would like a more more economical vehicle than a petrol sedan.

Honda City CNG variant to be launched in October
Photo: The Honda City is a good candidate for CNG conversion


Usually, conversion to CNG will result in some reduction in power. However, the Honda City petrol already comes with 118 bhp of power, much more than most similar sedans except Hyundai Verna. Even after conversion to CNG, the City is therefore likely to be a fun car to drive. Also read: Honda City diesel to be launched by 2014

Honda has worked on making the City well suited for a CNG kit by strengthening the suspension so that it can handle the extra weight of the CNG kit. Some tweaks have also been made on the engine of the car to help it perform best on CNG.

It is also being speculated that the instrument cluster of the City will have changes to display the amount of CNG left in the tank. The CNG kit will be installed at the dealer level and not at the factory. However, the special ‘CNG variant’ of the City will be made at the factory and it will cost roughly Rs. 60,000 more than the regular City.

(Source: Economic Times)

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