Honda City driver brakes to save woman on scooter: Bike and scooter crash behind him [Video]

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The majority of the population in India still uses two-wheelers to commute. India, as we know, is one of the biggest markets for two-wheeler manufacturers. The number of vehicles on Indian roads increases every day, and not everyone on the road is careful while riding. This has also resulted in an increase in the number of road accidents. Indian roads are challenging to drive or ride on, and here we have another example in the form of a video to prove the same. It really shows why one must always be alert while driving.

The video has been shared by Prateek Singh on his YouTube channel. The vlogger shares two clips in this video where two careless women on scooters are shown. In the first case, the woman narrowly escapes getting hit by a car, while in the second clip, the woman causes an accident. The first video is from Guwahati and was shared by one of his subscribers. In the first clip, the person was driving the car on VIP road in Guwahati. He was driving through a narrow road inside the city.

There were vehicles parked on the side of the road, and the person was maintaining a speed that was well within the city limits. As he was driving forward, a woman on a Honda Activa scooter suddenly joins the road. The car driver was thankfully alert, and he immediately applied brakes. The woman rode the scooter forward and did not even turn back once to look at the car. Even before joining the road, the woman did not check for vehicles. If the car driver had not applied brakes in time, he would have hit the scooter.

The next video was actually featured by some other YouTube channel, and the vlogger simply used it in his video to create awareness. The accident happened somewhere in Bengaluru. We can clearly see in the video that the cars are passing through a busy road inside the city. The accident was actually recorded in the dash cam installed in a car passing through the same road. We can see that there were two two-wheeler riders on the left side of the car. In front of the bikes, a Honda City sedan was also moving forward.

Honda City driver brakes to save woman on scooter: Bike and scooter crash behind him [Video]
Woman biker causes accident

All the vehicles were maintaining a constant speed. The Pulsar rider was slightly faster than others here. The Honda City suddenly slows down and comes to a stop. The scooter rider behind the car also stops. However, the Pulsar rider was not prepared for this. He did apply brakes; however, he could not slow down in time, and in a bid to avoid a crash, he turned the bike away from the car. He ended up hitting the scooter and fell on the road.

The reason why this accident happened here was that a woman riding a scooter in front of the Honda City decided to stop in the middle of the road. The woman is clearly seen in the video. After causing the accident, she can be seen slowly riding the scooter to the opposite lane and hiding behind other vehicles. Locals did come forward to help the biker. It looks like they were not seriously injured. In both cases, the woman riders were careless, and that is what caused the accident. One must always look for traffic before joining the road. In both cases, the dash camera recorded the incident.