Honda City Elegant and Amaze Elite Edition sedans launched in India

Honda has introduced special editions of its popular City and Amaze sedans in India, aimed at boosting sales during the festive season. The Honda City Elegant Edition and Amaze Elite Edition come with various cosmetic updates and additional features, retaining the same mechanical components as the standard models. These special editions are available in both manual and CVT transmission options, offering customers the flexibility to choose according to their preference.

Honda City Elegant and Amaze Elite Edition sedans launched in India
Honda City

The Honda City Elegant Edition, based on the V trim, offers a unique visual appeal with enhancements such as a trunk spoiler featuring an LED strip, front fender garnishing, and an ‘Elegant Edition’ badge. The car also comes equipped with sleek step illumination, adding to its overall charm. Inside the cabin, Honda has introduced a wireless phone charger for added convenience, special seat covers, and a legroom lamp, making it stand out from the regular City model.

The Honda Amaze Elite Edition, derived from the top-end VX trim, shares a similar philosophy of cosmetic upgrades and premium features. Like the City Elegant Edition, it is available with both manual and CVT transmission choices. Customers can expect the same level of attention to detail, with enhancements to the exterior and interior to provide an exclusive and luxurious feel.

Honda City Elegant and Amaze Elite Edition sedans launched in India

Both these special edition sedans are available in all the color options that are offered for the standard versions of the City and Amaze, ensuring that customers can pick their favorite shade. Honda has made these festive editions accessible through its online sales platform, ‘Honda from Home,’ in addition to its nationwide dealership network.
While the cosmetic updates and extra features make these special editions appealing, it’s worth noting that the core mechanical components of the City and Amaze remain unchanged. This ensures that customers can enjoy the same reliable and efficient performance that these models are known for.

The Honda City Elegant Edition is priced in the range of ₹12,57,400 to ₹13,82,400 (ex-showroom), while the Amaze Elite Edition is available at prices ranging from ₹903,900 to ₹985,900 (ex-showroom). These special editions not only provide buyers with an opportunity to own a unique and enhanced version of these popular sedans but also add an extra layer of excitement to the festive season for Honda enthusiasts.

So, if you’re in the market for a stylish and feature-packed sedan to celebrate the upcoming festivities, the Honda City Elegant Edition and Amaze Elite Edition could be the perfect choice to make your celebrations even more special. These special editions combine the best of Honda’s design and engineering, offering a delightful driving experience for sedan lovers in India.