Honda City Facelift ADAS in V Trim is India’s most affordable ADAS equipped car [Video]

The Japanese multinational automaker Honda Motor Company’s Indian subsidiary recently Honda Cars India recently launched the newest iteration of its mid-size sedan the City in India just a few days ago. The cars have now started arriving at dealerships and numerous videos of the model are now making their way on to YouTube. Recently, a video walkaround of one of the most value for money variants of the Honda City which is the V variant that comes with ADAS was shared online. Also the real life testing video of the top-of-line ZX variant was also shared as well.

Both the videos of the Honda City have been shared by Anubhav Chauhan on their YouTube channel. In the first walkaround video of the Honda City, the YouTuber shows the V variant of the sedan. This is the models second to base variant and one of the major highlights of this vehicle is that it comes with ADAS. The presenter starts off the video with front fascia of the car.

The presenter states that in the newly upgraded City fifth gen the company has updated the front bumper of the sedan and has also changed the bold chrome grille with the slightly smaller chrome strip and has added some more blacked out pieces underneath it. He mentions that the headlights still are the projector ones in the V variant. He once again adds that this is currently India’s most affordable car with ADAS functionality. He then shows the upgraded set of alloy wheels on the V variant as well.

Honda City Facelift ADAS in V Trim is India’s most affordable ADAS equipped car [Video]

The YouTuber then explains that the V variant gets a camera based ADAS and tells that it does not come with the radar based ADAS. He adds that despite that it is a good system as Honda has been selling cars in the international markets with this camera based ADAS for a while now. He mentions that the it does not get camera on the side mirrors like the top-spec ZX variant. Following this he states that the car now also gets a newer base variant called the SV variant which will sit just below this trim level in the lineup. He then shows the interior of the car which pretty much remains the same as the outgoing model.

In the next video the YouTuber then takes the top-end ZX variant in the real world test drive to showcase the ADAS systems functionality in real life. He starts off the video by driving the car in heavy traffic where mentions all the features that come available in the new Honda City’s ADAS suite. He then turns on all the systems but after trying for several minutes he could not get the system to work. The car can be seen driving in heavy traffic and it is believed that it could be a reason for the ADAS features not work properly. Following his multiple efforts the ADAS finally works when the car gets in speed of excess of 70 kmph. He then states that he will make a separate video testing the car in open roads.

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