How the upcoming Honda City Hybrid works? Explained on video

Honda recently launched the all new fifth generation City sedan in the Indian market. City has been a popular mid-size sedan in the country for years and competes with cars like Maruti Ciaz, Hyundai Verna, Skoda Rapid, Volkswagen Vento in the segment. It is available in international markets like Malaysia as well. Recently Honda revealed the 2020 version of Honda City in Malaysia which is different from the one that we have here in India. This Honda City uses i-MMD hybrid technology which is already seen in cars like Honda CR-V and Jazz sold internationally. Here we have a video that explains how the new City hybrid actually works.

The video has been uploaded by Paul Tan’s Automotive News on their youtube channel. The video explains what exactly the technology used in the Honda City hybrid actually is and how does it work. The Honda City Hybrid which will be offered in Malaysia market initially will not be a mild hybrid system. The Honda City e:HEV or the Hybrid version uses two electric motors apart from a petrol engine. The first engine that is integrated with the petrol engine acts as a Integrated Starter Generator (ISG) and the second motor sends drive to the wheels.

The Honda City hybrid generates a maximum of 109 PS of peak power and 253 Nm of peak torque. The Honda City can be driven in three modes: First is the EV mode where the battery powers the drive motor and the petrol engine is not used at all, and the second mode is engine drive mode in which the petrol engine will only be working to generate power. The third is a combination of both first and second where the battery and engine work jointly generating power. The engine used in this Hybrid version is the same 1.5 litre petrol engine which generates 98 PS of peak power and 127 Nm of peak torque without the hybrid system.

How the upcoming Honda City Hybrid works? Explained on video

Honda is also offering a non hybrid version of the City too. It will be the 121 Ps, 145 Nm of torque generating 1.5 litre naturally aspirated DOHC petrol engine that is available in India. Honda will launch the hybrid version in Malaysian market later this year and is expected to come to Indian shores some time later next year. The car will be the first full hybrid car in the C-Segment sedan space.