Tata has launched the Harrier recently and the SUV has shook the market with its lucrative pricing as well as class leading features and looks. The price range of the Harrier starts from Rs.12.69 lakhs and goes up till Rs. 16.25 lakhs for the top end model. At this price, the Harrier offers huge street presence, top notch equipment, great fit and finish, comfortable interiors and a decent boot space. Therefore, it will not be a far throw to say that it has disrupted the market only for SUV but rather for other segments too. Down below are some cars that fall in the similar price bracket and are likely to take a hit in terms of sales due to the Tata Harrier.

Hyundai Verna

Price range : from Rs. 8.01 lakhs to Rs. 14 lakhs

Starting off the list is the Verna, which is a strong seller in the C-segment sedans. The Verna is the best equipped car in its segment in terms of features and also has attractive design. However, the top variants of the Verna are likely to be affected by the Harrier. The Harrier’s value for money prospect along with the obvious greater street presence than the Verna are some of the factors that are likely to get customers look towards the Harrier instead of the Verna.

Honda City

Price range : from Rs. 8.77 lakhs to Rs. 14.05 lakhs

honda city resale value

The Honda city has long been the face of the C-segment sedans. It is still one of the best sedans to buy if you are planning to graduate over from hatchbacks into sedans. However, the top diesel variants of the sedan now face the challenge of the Harrier. The Harrier offer more power, better features and is a great looker. Therefore, if one does not mind the vehicle type and wants the best bang for buck, the Harrier can be a logical choice. However, the City offers much better fuel efficiency and being a sedan, is naturally better to drive.

Hyundai Creta

Price range : from Rs. 9.05 lakhs to Rs. 15.63 lakhs

Hyundai Creta Exterior 127803 2

One of the most affected vehicles by the launch of the Harrier is the Hyundai Creta. With Harrier current price positioning, there is little reason why someone would pick it even now. The only winning factors that side with the Creta are the availability of an automatic transmission and slightly better fuel efficiency. The Creta simply can’t match the Harrier in terms of power, interior space, comfort and value for money proposition.

Mahindra XUV500

Price range : from Rs. 12.57 lakhs to Rs. 19.28 lakhs

Xuv500 Side

Probably the only vehicle that could stand wee bit as a challenger to the Harrier is the Mahindra XUV500. The Harrier bests the XUV in most of the aspects, which include fuel efficiency, weight, equipment level, size as well as fit and finish levels. However, the XUV500 gets benefited by some of the things which the Harrier lacks. The XUV500 offers an automatic gearbox with its diesel engine, is more powerful and even comes with an AWD model for those who like to take their SUV on to the wild side. The seven seat option on the XUV500 is another factor which may bring customers to is doors.

Tata Hexa

Price range : from Rs. 12.57 lakhs to Rs. 17.97 lakhs

Tata Hexa Xm+

The Tata Hexa is quite a good vehicle in this price range but could not do very well in the market thanks to the poor image of the Aria, from which the Hexa takes its design inspiration. It offers best in class ride quality, has a automatic gearbox, gets an AWD variant and also has a powerful engine to boot. However, these things just can’t hide the fact that the Hexa is no match for the Harrier. With both being from the same company, it would have been a good sight to see some sibling rivalry but sadly, that’s not the case.

Hyundai Elantra

Price range : from Rs. 13.71 lakhs to Rs. 19.94 lakhs

2018 Hyundai Elantra

The Hyundai Elantra is one of the most affordable D-segment sedans and is quite a good option in its class. While we are not stating that all sedan buyers will suddenly get interested into SUVs, but we Indians have a thing for value for money products. This is where the Harrier delivers and it does so with a punch masked in a velvet glove. Since the Elantra is already not a great car to drive and its biggest USP is its interiors and features, one might also take a look at the Harrier if SUVs are not a problem for the buyer. After all, the Harrier too has great interiors and is quite affordable too, relatively though.

Toyota Corolla Altis

Price range : from Rs. 16.45 lakhs to Rs. 20.19 lakhs

The Toyota Corolla is one great sedan and we definitely are not comparing the Harrier with it. The only point here is that for people who do not go all no-no over the topic of SUVs, the Harrier presents itself as an interesting option. Why we think that it might eat up into the sales of the Corolla Altis is because of the fact that the current generation Corolla has already got old in the face of the competition and will receive a facelift soon. The Tata Harrier provides all the amenities that come with the Corolla and then some.  Therefore, it is very much possible that the Corolla too might witness a sales slowdown due to the Harrier.

Jeep Compass

Price range : from Rs. 15.4 lakhs to Rs. 22.9 lakhs

Compass Black Pack Magnesio Grey Color.jpg.img.1440

Another vehicle that is going to be drastically hit by the Harrier is the Jeep Compass. The stylish SUV was already on thin ice since some time due to its high price but had managed to sell decently. However, the onslaught of the Harrier will be evident in sometime as the Tata SUV also offers similar premium quality interiors along with being larger, more spacious and handsome looking. The only factors which go in favour of the Compass are that it is more powerful and has better fuel efficiency.

Skoda Octavia

Price range : from Rs. 15.99 lakhs to Rs. 27 lakhs

The Skoda Octavia is another vehicle that might get affected by the Harrier’s onslaught, though not directly. There are many people who buy the Octavia for its dashing looks, comfy interiors and good to drive attributes. However, many buyers get it just because of its appeal. Now overall appear is an area where prospective buyers could turn and look towards the Harriet too, which proves to be better in this aspect. However, those going for the Octavia RS need not worry as there is no car better than that if you have the bucks to get one.