Honda City modified to be a Lamborghini gets an A for effort

The Honda City is a popular choice for modifications. However, what we have here today is not just another one of the many Honda City mod jobs we see on a regular basis. While most people choose to give their City a racy look thru slapping on a spoiler and some decals, these customizers in Jaipur have decided to inject some Lamborghini DNA into a Honda City! Don’t believe us? Check this out –

Strange as it may sound, the name of the mod shop that came up with this modified City is ‘Jaipur Jeep Lovers’. Ironically, these guys have been in news for their rather spectacular Honda City modification than for some Jeep mod. This modified Lamborghini is based on a 2006 Honda City ZX. The cost of this modification is Rs 7.5 lakh. As you can see in the video, the Lambo replica gets an electrically-retracting drop top. Not just this, the customizers have also decided to give this car electrically-adjustable bumpers and side skirts. This ensures the modified City boasts a low stance without having to worry about the gazillion undulations our roads are (in)famous for.

Honda City modified to be a Lamborghini gets an A for effort

As seen in the video, the customizers have given this convertible many design elements that have been inspired by the mighty Lamborghini Aventador. It even gets scissor doors to mimic that truly Lambo look. The car also gets several vents to put emphasis on its sporty aspirations. Well, this modified Honda City isn’t an exact replica of the Lamborghini Aventador, no, not even close to it.

However, it looks attractive enough to pass off for a true blue sportscar, at least to an untrained eye. The biggest giveaway of this car’s humble roots are the wheels. While the customizers have given this Lamborghini replica aftermarket alloy wheels, the car still looks grossly under-tired. We feel that slightly wider rubber and bigger wheels would have looked better. There is no information on the performance modifications this car carries. But we really can’t stop marveling at the effort put in by the customizers.