Honda City with newly wed couple plunges into a river: Watch locals save them [Video]

A Honda City sedan carrying newlyweds plunged into a river in Jharkhand on Sunday. The car was returning with the new newly married couple and three others when it fell from a bridge. The flow of the river current swept away the vehicle for about 500 metres before the locals spotted the car and jumped into the river to help.

The incident happened during the day when the family was returning after the marriage. It is not known exactly how the car fell in the river at the moment. There are a few possibilities like wrong map direction, sleepy driver and even the car going out of control due to overspeeding. However, the police are yet to ascertain the cause of the accident. It is raining heavily in Jharkhand and it is quite possible that the driver could not see the road and drove into the river.

The locals spotted the floating car in the high-speed current and jump into action quickly. The river’s current was stronger than usual due to the heavy rainfall and it caused the car to sweep away for about 500 meters. The local villagers spotted the floating car and jumped into the river to save the occupants. The locals broke the windows of the car to rescue the occupants.

Honda City with newly wed couple plunges into a river: Watch locals save them [Video]

The video, which has now become viral on the social media platforms also show that the locals have used ropes to tie the car and anchor it in one place. It is not known if they could pull out the car. Nonetheless, the car must have been heavily damaged and insurance is most likely to write off the vehicle in any case.

Cars jumping in water bodies are becoming quite common around the world. It can happen due to many reasons but distracted driving is one of the many reasons. Also, as the report mentions that the villagers saved the occupants by breaking the glass and rescuing them, it should be noted that the car was likely jammed from inside due to the pressure of water on it. In such situations, the electrical systems stop working at all and power windows cannot be opened. This is why it is always a great idea to keep a small glass breaker in the car so it can be used in such situations and even accidents. In some cars, the metal end of the headrests are good enough to break the windows from inside the car.

It is also great to see that the onlookers swung into action without thinking twice. In most of the cases, the onlookers keep on filming and looking at the victims instead of helping. This is a welcome change and this is how it should be done.