Honda City driver tries to crush two people on a scooter in Rajkot after road rage

Road rage is quite common in India and every now and then we get to see a video of people fighting on the public roads. Here is one such video from Rajkot, Gujarat will send shivers down your spine. The video is from a CCTV camera that was overlooking a street.

The video shows an empty street with a white coloured Honda sedan rolling down the road. Two people on a Honda Activa enter the road from the left-hand side. The Activa and the car almost collide but we do not think that there is a major contact as per the video.

Enraged with what happened, two youths get down the scooter after parking it in front of the car and they start talking with the driver. We can see that after an argument, one of the youths starts to pull the door of the car repeatedly. That’s when the driver of the car stepped on the gas and accelerated from the spot. On his way, he hit the scooter even though he steered the car completely right.

The scooter fell on the road and the car sped away. The two youths tried picking up the scooter. However, within seconds, the car enters the frame while reversing and he was aiming to hit the scooter and the two youths. While one of the youngsters nearly managed to get away from the car, the scooter, which was lying on the road is thrown away by several metres. The car even hits a Hyundai i20 which was parked outside the home.

The car was then trying to hit the youth too. But then he sped away from the spot.

Road rage

Honda City driver tries to crush two people on a scooter in Rajkot after road rage

As per a report, the driver is identified as Jayaraj Dawda. The report also claims that it was purely a road rage incident. However, it does seem quite extreme for road rage. The driver of the car did not come out of the car, and that is how the road rage incidents should be handled but showing aggression by hitting a vehicle and trying to mow someone down intentionally is extreme for sure.

Just like this video shows, road rage can go out of control within a few seconds. It can escalate quickly. This is why everyone should keep a cool head while driving or riding on public roads. If you get into an accident and you see signs of road rage, the first things that you should do are calm down yourself.

De-stress yourself while driving and always drive defensively on the roads. Driving aggressively increases the chances of getting into an accident, and can cause road rage. If you anyway get into an accident as it is unavoidable in certain situations, you should be as polite as possible and never become aggressive.

If you do not see a way out of a road rage situation, remain calm and remain inside the vehicle. The best thing that you can do is to call for help. Never try to take the laws in your hand.