6-foot snake finds shelter inside a Honda City: Watch it getting rescued [Video]

The extended lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic has caused to the car and tw0-wheeler owners to leave their beloved vehicles for a long time. This has allowed the reptiles and other animals to take shelter in the shade of the vehicles. An incident from Karnal, Haryana shows a snake coiled around the front suspension of the Honda City.

The Honda City, which was parked in a shed and since it is not being used regularly, the snake made the car home. The video shows the people talking about the snake and how it entered the Honda City. However, no one looks sure about the snake.

After getting to know that there is a snake inside the sedan, the people started to look for it frantically. They open the bonnet of the car, trying to get the look of the snake but they could not spot it. After trying to look for the snake and failing to find it, they decided that they will require some assistance. The group of people drove the car to a nearby washing centre and started looking at the underbody of the vehicle. After carefully examining the underbody, the snake was found could around the suspension of the City. They use a few tools to get the snake away from the car and release it in the wild.

6-foot snake finds shelter inside a Honda City: Watch it getting rescued [Video]

This is not the first time that a snake has entered a four-wheeler in India. There are several such cases where a snake has entered a car from various parts of the country. The snakes also enter the motorcycles and scooters. Snakes are not much seen in the urban residential areas but they are very common in the other areas with larger green covers. Snakes are cold-blooded reptiles and they seek for the hotter environment to keep their bodies warm. Automobiles, which are made up metal become a good choice for these reptiles.


This is the reason why everyone should their vehicles properly before boarding the vehicle. Also, there a few ways that can be used to avoid snakes when your vehicle is resting at the home.

Snakes can enter small crevices and can rest there for days before showing up.

Before driving the vehicle, it is always a good idea to open the boot and give a quick glimpse, especially if you’re using the car after a few days.

While there is a slim chance of the snakes entering the cabin of the vehicle, they can frighten you if they show up on the windscreen while driving and it can lead to accidents.

Also, it is best to park the vehicle away from tall grass since snakes are mostly found in such areas. If you spot a snake in your vehicle, call an expert or an animal rescue team. It is not a good idea to handle the situation by yourself.

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