Honda City modified into a Lamborghini looks HILARIOUS [Video]

The Indian tax structure on important vehicles makes many vehicles inaccessible to the buyers. The high price of imported vehicles makes them extremely costly compared to international markets. This is why many enthusiasts go for replica models or transformation jobs that make their regular vehicle look like exotic ones. While there are many such garages that carry out transformation jobs in India, the final product is based on the money spent on the transformation job.

Here is a Honda City that has been transformed completely to look like a Lamborghini. However, the final product lacks finesse and visual appeal, which makes it look like a homemade toy car. Even though a lot of work has gone into making this vehicle, the final product does not look exciting enough. The video from MAGNETO 11 shows the transformation job and how the modification job was done from scratch to the final product.

The exact version of the Honda City used for this modification is not known. However, the transformation job includes cutting out the roof of the vehicle and adding an electric roof. However, it seems like the roof cannot be closed when someone is sitting inside the vehicle due to its low height. Other changes include a completely reformed front-end. The vehicle gets customised front-end with fabricated bumper and bonnet. The headlamps are positioned in the middle of the bonnet lid.

A lot of changes have been done to the car including its rear. The modified vehicle’s rear also gets a new bumper in place that looks inspired by Lamborghini vehicles but again, the final product looks quite toy-ish. Nonetheless, a good amount of work has gone into making this project and it will attract a lot of attention on the road. We believe that’s the sole purpose of the vehicle.

Lambo 1

On the inside, the vehicle now is two-seater just like the real Lamborghini. Space, where the rear seats existed, is now taken up the roof mechanism. It gets all red interior on the inside just like the exterior paint job of the vehicle.

We are not sure how much money was spent on this transformation job but it should not cost more than Rs 1 lakh. There are many other replica jobs that look much like real vehicles. Those transformation jobs cost more than Rs 5 lakh. Lamborghini is not the only vehicle that has been replicated. In the past, vehicles like Ferrari have been replicated too. Even though the number of performance vehicles is increasing in the Indian market, the ratio between mass segment vehicles and supercars remain very skewed. Such replica vehicles with modified exhaust system are becoming one of the latest trends in the market and the number of garages that offer such services is also increasing with time.