Honda Civic Modified Into A Lamborghini Terzo Millennio Looks Cool [Video]

honda civic to lamborghini terzo modification

Honda Civic is one of the most popular cars in modification circles. We have come across several examples of modified Civics from different parts of the country. In some cases, the Honda Civic is also used as a donor car for conversion projects. We have seen Honda Civics converted into a Lamborghini Huracan or Aventador in the past. However, here we have a video where a YouTuber has actually converted a Honda Civic into a Lamborghini Terzo Millennio.

The video has been shared by Tanna Dhaval on his YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger is seen going to Ahmedabad where he has parked his custom-made car. He is taking his car back to the workshop where he plans to put it on display so that the customers visiting the workshop can see the car.

For those who are not aware, like almost every other car manufacturer, Lamborghini has also started working on electric supercars, and one of the concepts they showcased was the Terzo Millennio – an electric supercar concept. Lamborghini is yet to start production; however, it has gained a lot of attention among the car enthusiast community for its wild design.

Unlike other conversion projects that we have seen in the past, this car is not using any donor car. In fact, it is completely built from scratch. The frame or chassis of this car was constructed using metal pipes, designed to emulate a sports car appearance. Once the frame was set, the team commenced work on other components such as body panels, interiors, electrical systems, and the engine.

Only the engine and gearbox in this car are from a Honda Civic. The engine is mounted at the rear, unlike the usual replicas that we see on the internet. The body of this replica, or the ICE version of Lamborghini’s electric car, is actually made from fiberglass material. In most cases, workshops use metal sheets and fabricate them to make them look like the original car. However, this adds a lot of weight to the car, which affects performance.

Honda Civic Modified Into A Lamborghini Terzo Millennio Looks Cool [Video]
Lamborghini Terzo

In this case, though, the workshop used fiberglass, which helped them bring down the overall weight. Also, fiberglass is a lot more flexible and easy to work with compared to metal sheets. The Lamborghini Terzo replica also gets custom-made gull-wing doors.

The car borrows several components from other cars. The fuel tank hails from a Hyundai Santro, while the suspension is sourced from a Maruti Alto. The stock wheels of the Honda Civic were replaced with an aftermarket all-black unit.

This gives the car a very wide and clean look. The headlamps and tail lamps are all custom-made units and resemble the original Lamborghini Terzo. In this video, we also get to hear the loud exhaust note of the car. This is actually a unit borrowed from a Benelli 600i sports bike.

This is the reason why it doesn’t sound too bad in the video. The exhaust does have a sporty character even when the engine is revved hard. The whole car is finished in a shade of yellow with black pinstripes and graphics. It took around 12 months to complete this project, and the owner has spent around Rs 12.5 lakh on it.