Honda Civic & Maruti Swift with aftermarket modifications look sporty [video]

There are several workshops and garages in India that excel at modifying vehicles, although modification is illegal in India. However, there is an enthusiast community that engages in it regardless. We have featured several videos and images of modified cars and bikes on our website. When it comes to modifications, popular choices among customers include cars like the Maruti Swift, Baleno, and older generation Honda Civic. In this video, we have footage of a Honda Civic and Maruti Swift that have been neatly modified to look sporty.

The video has been uploaded by a Moto Vlogger on his YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger discusses two cars that have been neatly modified, both of which belong to his friends. He begins with an older generation Honda Civic. The owner of this Civic previously owned an Octavia vRS, but recently sold it and bought the Civic. The first noticeable change to the car is the suspension. The stock suspension has been replaced with air suspension units, allowing the height of the suspension to be raised or lowered at the touch of a button. Another noticeable change is the set of alloy wheels. The owner replaced the stock alloy wheels with 18-inch aftermarket units.

They look extremely sporty, and the width of the wheels is appropriate as well. The car has a Mugen RR body kit installed, which was imported from Taiwan. The headlamps have also been modified and now feature aftermarket LED DRLs and projector headlamps. The bumper is made entirely of ABS plastic, and there is a gloss black splitter as well. The bonnet is finished in carbon fibre, and there are scoops on the bonnet and fenders. The fenders are slightly wider than the stock ones. The tail lamps have been replaced with aftermarket units, and a spoiler is mounted on the tailgate. The Civic has a full system exhaust, and the engine has undergone a stage 2 remap. Unfortunately, the video does not provide exact figures for these modifications. Additionally, the video showcases the custom interior of the Civic, which follows a Red and Black theme, similar to the exterior.

Honda Civic & Maruti Swift with aftermarket modifications look sporty
Modified Honda City & Maruti Swift

Once the vlogger is finished discussing the Civic, he moves on to the next car in the video, a current generation Maruti Swift. The owner mentions that it was one of the first Swifts in the country to be repainted in Black shade. The car has been fitted with lowering springs to achieve a more aggressive look. Like the Civic, the Maruti Swift also features an aftermarket body kit. The Swift RS body kit has been imported from Taiwan and includes blacked-out headlamps with LED DRLs. The DRLs and headlamps can be controlled using a mobile application.

The car is equipped with 17-inch aftermarket alloy wheels, and many of the panels on this car have a carbon fibre finish. Custom headers and a BMC air filter have been installed, but the video does not provide any information about performance upgrades. The interior of this Swift has been left stock. The owner mentions that the modifications have not affected the ride quality or handling of the car in any way.

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