Honda Civic sedan neatly restored to look like a brand new car [Video]

Honda Civic is a premium sedan that is very close to the heart of many enthusiasts. It serves as a great project car and several modification options are also available for the Civic. Honda had launched eighth and tenth generation of the Civic sedan in India but, both of them were discontinued from the market. There are several examples of tastefully modified eighth generation Honda Civic sedan from different parts of the country. Many people have installed wild looking body kits and done performance upgrades while some keep the car stock. Here we have a video where an eighth generation Honda Civic sedan has been neatly restored to look like a brand new unit.

The video has been uploaded by Autorounders on their YouTube channel. In this video, an eight generation Honda Civic is completely restored. The exterior and interior of the car is completely reworked and made look like a brand new car. The car has minor scratches and dents on it when it arrived at the workshop. The team started working on the dents and scratches. The original colour on the car is white but, over the years of usage, the car had started to show its age. Not just the exterior but, the interior also had wear and tear.

The dents and scratches on the car were all corrected using dent puller machine. Once that was done, a thin coat of putty was applied on the car to get an even finish on the areas where there was dent before. The excess putty from the car was removed using sander and the original paint on the car was also removed before repainting. Once the paint was rubbed off, the car taken to the paint booth and a coat of primer was applied on the whole car. The bumpers, headlamps were all removed and painted individually for an even finish.

Honda Civic sedan neatly restored to look like a brand new car [Video]

The customers did not wish to change the colour of the car and went ahead with pearl white shade only. The workshop used good quality paint and the same was reflecting in the end result as well. The chrome applique on the front grille, headlamps, fog lamps were all installed back. Everything on this car remains stock including the wheels. The colour of the wheels however were changed from silver to gloss black for a contrasting look. The brake calipers were finished in Red for added sportiness.

Other than the exterior, interior of this Honda Civic was also customised. The seat covers on this sedan were in good condition. So the workshop decided to not make any changes to that. They changed the theme of the cabin to black in order to match with the seat covers. The dashboard, steering and the roof liner were all finished in black. The black theme ended up looking good and this gave it a premium and sporty character. An aftermarket touchscreen infotainment system has now been installed in t he car and ambient lights can also be seen on the doors and the lower part of the dashboard. The Honda Civic looks brand new after all the work was done.