YouTuber shows how she bathes in her Honda Civic

Camping and touring is not so popular in India but in many foreign countries, people love to go on overnight camp trips. Why most Indians do not like camping? Well, there are a lot of reasons but it is mostly due to the lack of proper facilities like toilets, comfortable beds and of course safety. Camping can be fun and there are many who find it adventurous too. However, there are many restrictions that one might face during camping. Taking a shower is one of these restrictions.

This YouTuber Alexandria Tejas loves to camp out and has a van and a Honda Civic which she uses for camping. She was camping at a secluded spot with her partner and made a video on how she takes shower inside the Honda Civic. Here is the video and the details.

The video shows an inflatable bathtub that can become the rain or snow cover of the luggage stowed on the roof of the vehicle. To prepare the vehicle for the bath, she cracks open the sunroof so that the moisture does not builds up inside the vehicle and also puts thick opaque curtains all around the car so that no one can peek inside the vehicle and see what is happening.

For the shower set-up, they have put up the inflatable on a table in the rear space of the cabin. She is using a pressure water bottle with a plunger that can be used to pump in air and create a pressure. The water then comes out of a pipe and at the end of the pipe, there is a nozzle. She says that it is a do-it-yourself set-up and it sure works fine. Inside the bottle, she has used hot water and mixed it with regular water to make it lukewarm.

Before the shower, she shows that she has turned on the heater of the vehicle to ensure a comfortable temperature inside the vehicle. Also, she shows the small space that she has to utilise to change clothes after the shower. Alexandria reveals that she has to squat and take shower and since the roof of the Honda Civic is so low, it can be difficult at times. However, she is only 5 feet 5 inches while her partner is above 6 feet. He mentions in the video that he sits inside the bathtub to take shower.

They use biodegradable soap so that they can throw out the water in the wild without contaminating anything around. They threw out the water out in the open because of the biodegradable soap use.

Alexandria also says in the video that this is not the ideal set-up to take a shower and in most cases, they do it outside in facilities like truck stops or fuel pumps. However in extreme conditions when it is snowing outside and the weather is not so great, they have to use this way. She also mentioned that taking shower inside a van is much easier than doing the same in a Honda Civic.