Honda compact SUV caught testing in Germany, video surfaces

All those waiting for Honda’s compact SUV, here’s some more excitement coming your way. Honda’s new urban SUV based on the Honda Jazz has been caught testing somewhere in Germany, and a short video of the SUV on the highway has surfaced.

Although the vehicle is fully camouflaged, the dimensions and the poise it holds on the highway seem encouraging. This vehicle could be one to contend with when it launches in India sometime next year – it will give the Ford EcoSport and the Renault Duster. Also read: Upcoming vehicles from Honda in 2014-2015

The Honda SUV will be based on the Jazz platform. This SUV is expected to share the 1.5 litre IDtec diesel engine that the Amaze has when it comes to India. It will also sport the 1.2 petrol engine that the upcoming Honda Jazz and the current Brio and Amaze have.

From the heavily camouflaged vehicle that was seen on the highway, it does look like a lot of the elements have stayed true to the concept that was previewed earlier at the Detroit Motor Show. The front seems to have swept back headlamps, and a sharp nose. The rear has tail lamps that seem to wrap around the fenders, while the glass area slopes downward, giving it a sporty stance. Filmed from a sedan, this compact SUV appears to have the height that will give it good road presence. It does look a lot bigger than the EcoSport and more on the lines of the Renault Duster – so it’s quite unlikely that it would come in under 4-metres in length – at least in the video it does look to be at least 4.2 to 4.3 metres in length, about the size of the Duster.

However, there’s still quite a bit of time left for its launch in India and the norms for vehicles could change in the next budget. Else it would have to be content with chasing the Renault Duster on price positioning instead of the Ford EcoSport, that has managed to tuck in under 4 metres in length. Also see:Official images of upcoming Honda SUV leaked!

What do you think of this Honda compact SUV? Video also below from Klumpfuss Produktion

Source: Klumpfuss Produktion