Honda CR-V Diesel SUV to make 118 Bhp in India

Honda will soon launch the 4th generation CR-V SUV in India. The company showed this vehicle at the Auto Expo 2018, where it announced that it’ll be available with a diesel engine for the first time in the Indian market. A new report on Autocar says that the CR-V’s diesel engine will be tuned to output 118 Bhp and 300 Nm in the Indian market. The 1.6 liter i-DTEC turbocharged diesel engine is built in India, and is available with two states of tune: 118 Bhp-300 Nm and 158 Bhp-350 Nm. The more powerful state of tune of the engine is offered in European markets.

Honda CR-V Diesel SUV to make 118 Bhp in India

The reason why Honda is going with a conservative tune for the CR-V Diesel in India has to do with the costs involved. The 1.6 liter i-DTEC diesel making 118 Bhp uses a single turbocharger while the 158 Bhp tune requires twin turbochargers.

Honda will be betting on the 300 Nm torque figure of the engine and shorter gearing to make the CR-V 1.6 Diesel fast enough in India. The claimed 0-100 Kph timing of the CR-V Diesel even in 118 Bhp state of tune is pretty impressive at 11.2 seconds. For most buyers, this kind of performance will be more than adequate.

The new CR-V, like all other versions sold previously in India, will be assembled through the completely knocked down (CKD) kit route. The SUV will also pack in 7 seats, for the first time in the Indian market, and globally as well. The other engine on the CR-V will be a petrol.

We have to wait and watch to see if Honda offers the 9 speed automatic gearbox on the diesel CR-V, which will get a 6 speed manual gearbox as standard. The petrol CR-V will get 6 speed manual and CVT automatic gearbox options. In petrol guise, the SUV is expected with front wheel drive and all wheel drive layouts. It remains to be seen if the diesel also gets an all wheel drive mode in India.