Watch cops intentionally damaging Honda Dio for wrong parking: Suspended by higher authorities

A lot of police officers in the past have been criticized for their behaviour with the public and many of such incidents have been recorded too. In a recent incident from Chennai, two police officers were caught on camera while damaging a parked scooter on the road. Both the officers have been dismissed since the video has become viral.

The video was taken from a mobile phone camera by the locals. It shows a home guard on duty repeatedly hitting a parked Honda Dio with his baton. Another policeman can be seen giving instructions to smash the front of the scooter which the home guard follows and starts damaging the front-end of the scooter repeatedly. After a few minutes a youth, who is the rider of the Dio appears in the frame and starts talking to the police officers present but the cop keeps on hitting the scooter repeatedly with his baton.

The youth then sits on the scooter and leaves the spot without even putting on the helmet on his head and the cop can be seen hitting the scooter one last time with all his strength. The Honda Dio is definitely damaged from the rear, side and the front after the repeated blows from the baton.

Watch cops intentionally damaging Honda Dio for wrong parking: Suspended by higher authorities

Both the cops have been identified after the video became viral online. The cop who is repeatedly hitting the bike has been identified as home guard Mohan while the other person, who was giving instruction has been identified as sub-inspector (SI) Haribabu. Both of them have been suspended by the police department after the video became viral on social media platforms. Both the police officers belong to to the Fort Police station and the incident took place near the War Memorial in Chennai.

The police personnel claimed that the youth had come to buy some illegal substance from the place and the SI had warned him to leave the place earlier. However, the youth did not obey the orders, which is why they damaged the vehicle. However, such reasons are not enough to damage an individual’s property. It is not known if the cops will take any further action on the suspended cops.

The local who was shooting the video went unnoticed by the cops till the very end. However, while keeping the baton in the police vehicle, the home guard noticed that someone is making the video and he passed on the information to the SI who then turned angrily towards the local. The video ends there, it is not known if the cops asked the video maker to delete the clip from his phone. The video has been shared on various social media platform and has even picked up by various news agencies. The police are yet to comment on the incident officially.