Honda Dio rider with 100 pending challans and 50K fine continues riding on wrong side [Video]

India is one of the largest markets for two-wheeler manufacturers. Even today, the majority of people rely on two-wheelers to commute from one point to another. This is because bikes are much less expensive to buy and easier to maintain. We have come across several cases where two-wheeler riders have violated traffic rules and ridden dangerously. Some of them are habitual offenders, with a long list of pending challans against their vehicles. Here, we have a video of a scooter rider from Bengaluru with 100 challans against their vehicle. A video of this rider recently surfaced online where they were seen riding on the wrong side of the road.

The video has been shared by “One Amongst You” on X (formerly Twitter). The video was recorded on the dash camera of a car. The car was moving forward through a busy road. We can see that the vehicles coming from the opposite direction were not moving at all. As the car moves forward, we see a two-wheeler (an older generation Honda Dio scooter in black shade) rider coming towards the car. They are clearly riding on the wrong side of the road. The rider probably did this to avoid the long traffic jam on the other side. As they come closer to the car, the rider stops in front of the car and then quickly turns to the other side and continues riding.

It is clearly visible that the scooter rider was not wearing any helmet. The driver of the car that recorded this video actually took a screenshot of the scooter and shared the information online. They also looked up and found surprising information. They found that the scooter had 99 traffic violations under its name. Including the one captured on the dash camera, the scooter rider has 100 traffic violations. The exact amount, as per the screenshot shared online, is around INR 56,000. The scooter rider has been violating rules since 2019.

Honda Dio rider with 100 pending challans and 50K fine continues riding on wrong side [Video]
Honda Dio rider on wrong side

The online post that shared this video says, “KA05EM1946 – there are 99 existing violations against this vehicle, and this makes it 100. The total fine amount is INR 56,000. @btppubliceye @alokkumar6994 @jayanagarps @Jointcptraffic @3rdEyeDude @JnagarTr.”

The interesting thing about the rider is that they have been fined for wrong-side riding several times. They were also fined several times for not wearing a riding helmet. In this video, the biker is not just flouting rules in thin air; they are also putting their own life and the lives of other road users at risk. They are riding on the wrong side, and the chances of them crashing into any other vehicle are quite high. In the past, there have been several instances where bikers riding on the wrong side have crashed into cars and other vehicles.

In the past, we have seen cases where the police have actually seized cars and bikes that have pending challans. It looks like most of these offenses by the Honda Dio scooter rider were captured by surveillance cameras installed in various parts of the city.

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