Honda Dio scooter rider tries to escape from police; FAILS [Video]

Cops in India really hate people who try to escape without stopping, and they may go to any length to make riders/drivers stop. Here’s a video from Mumbai where a cop assaults a scooter rider for failing to stop. He also kicks the scooter, leading to the rider almost losing balance. Here, watch the video for yourself. Please begin watching from 0:50. 

As the video indicates, a Honda Dio scooterist riding on the wrong side of the road, without a helmet tries to evade a cop (?) who tries to stop him. Then another cop with a baton (Lathi) comes, first hits the rider and then kicks him, almost forcing him off balance. Simultaneously, someone asks the cop to pull out the keys from the scooter – again something illegal that the cops are NOT allowed to do.

While the scooterist is clearly in the wrong for riding on the wrong side of the road, not wearing a helmet, and not stopping for a man in plainclothes who evidently is with the cop, it still gives no right to the cop wearing the khaki pants to beat him or kick him. We hope he’s been taken to task for assaulting a civilian. People have lost lives due to overzealous and often cruel cops trying to stop moving two-wheelers.

In fact a couple of months ago, a pregnant woman died after a two-wheeler she was riding pillion on, skidded and fell as her husband lost balance. The reason? A cop allegedly kicked the scooter they were travelling on as the rider (husband) did not stop at the checkpoint, which the police officials had put up for a drive against helmet-less riders. More such incidents are coming into the spotlight thanks to CCTV and helmet mounted cameras. It’s high time that erring police officials are severely reprimanded for blatant abuse of power.

Video courtesy NBVlogs